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Atomic-Scale Structure of Single-Layer Nanoclusters
S Helveg, JV Lauritsen, E Lægsgaard, I Stensgaard, JK Nørskov, ...
Physical review letters 84 (5), 951, 2000
Size-dependent structure of MoS2 nanocrystals
JV Lauritsen, J Kibsgaard, S Helveg, H Topsøe, BS Clausen, ...
Nature nanotechnology 2 (1), 53, 2007
One-dimensional metallic edge states in MoS 2
MV Bollinger, JV Lauritsen, KW Jacobsen, JK Nørskov, S Helveg, ...
Physical review letters 87 (19), 196803, 2001
Atomic-scale structure of Co–Mo–S nanoclusters in hydrotreating catalysts
JV Lauritsen, S Helveg, E Lægsgaard, I Stensgaard, BS Clausen, ...
Journal of Catalysis 197 (1), 1-5, 2001
Location and coordination of promoter atoms in Co-and Ni-promoted MoS2-based hydrotreating catalysts
JV Lauritsen, J Kibsgaard, GH Olesen, PG Moses, B Hinnemann, ...
Journal of Catalysis 249 (2), 220-233, 2007
Atomic-scale insight into structure and morphology changes of MoS2 nanoclusters in hydrotreating catalysts
JV Lauritsen, MV Bollinger, E Lægsgaard, KW Jacobsen, JK Nørskov, ...
Journal of Catalysis 221 (2), 510-522, 2004
Hydrodesulfurization reaction pathways on MoS2 nanoclusters revealed by scanning tunneling microscopy
JV Lauritsen, M Nyberg, JK Nørskov, BS Clausen, H Topsøe, ...
Journal of Catalysis 224 (1), 94-106, 2004
Recent STM, DFT and HAADF-STEM studies of sulfide-based hydrotreating catalysts: Insight into mechanistic, structural and particle size effects
F Besenbacher, M Brorson, BS Clausen, S Helveg, B Hinnemann, ...
Catalysis Today 130 (1), 86-96, 2008
Chemistry of one-dimensional metallic edge states in MoS2 nanoclusters
JV Lauritsen, M Nyberg, RT Vang, MV Bollinger, BS Clausen, H Topsøe, ...
Nanotechnology 14 (3), 385, 2003
The role of reaction pathways and support interactions in the development of high activity hydrotreating catalysts
H Topsøe, B Hinnemann, JK Nørskov, JV Lauritsen, F Besenbacher, ...
Catalysis today 107, 12-22, 2005
Cluster−Support Interactions and Morphology of MoS2 Nanoclusters in a Graphite-Supported Hydrotreating Model Catalyst
J Kibsgaard, JV Lauritsen, E Lægsgaard, BS Clausen, H Topsøe, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 128 (42), 13950-13958, 2006
Stabilization principles for polar surfaces of ZnO
JV Lauritsen, S Porsgaard, MK Rasmussen, MCR Jensen, R Bechstein, ...
ACS nano 5 (7), 5987-5994, 2011
Size Threshold in the Dibenzothiophene Adsorption on MoS2 Nanoclusters
A Tuxen, J Kibsgaard, H Gøbel, E Lægsgaard, H Topsøe, JV Lauritsen, ...
Acs Nano 4 (8), 4677-4682, 2010
Chemical identification of point defects and adsorbates on a metal oxide surface by atomic force microscopy
JV Lauritsen, AS Foster, GH Olesen, MC Christensen, A Kühnle, S Helveg, ...
Nanotechnology 17 (14), 3436, 2006
Atomic scale Kelvin probe force microscopy studies of the surface potential variations on the TiO 2 (110) surface
GH Enevoldsen, T Glatzel, MC Christensen, JV Lauritsen, F Besenbacher
Physical review letters 100 (23), 236104, 2008
Van der Waals Epitaxy of Two-Dimensional MoS2–Graphene Heterostructures in Ultrahigh Vacuum
JA Miwa, M Dendzik, SS Grønborg, M Bianchi, JV Lauritsen, P Hofmann, ...
Acs Nano 9 (6), 6502-6510, 2015
Electronic Structure of Epitaxial Single-Layer
JA Miwa, S Ulstrup, SG Sørensen, M Dendzik, AG Čabo, M Bianchi, ...
Physical review letters 114 (4), 046802, 2015
Comparative atomic-scale analysis of promotional effects by late 3d-transition metals in MoS2 hydrotreating catalysts
J Kibsgaard, A Tuxen, KG Knudsen, M Brorson, H Topsøe, E Lægsgaard, ...
Journal of Catalysis 272 (2), 195-203, 2010
Detailed scanning probe microscopy tip models determined from simultaneous atom-resolved AFM and STM studies of the TiO 2 (110) surface
GH Enevoldsen, HP Pinto, AS Foster, MCR Jensen, A Kühnle, ...
Physical Review B 78 (4), 045416, 2008
Noncontact atomic force microscopy studies of vacancies and hydroxyls of Ti O 2 (110): Experiments and atomistic simulations
GH Enevoldsen, AS Foster, MC Christensen, JV Lauritsen, ...
Physical Review B 76 (20), 205415, 2007
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