Tanmoy Das
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Colloquium: Topological Band Theory
A Bansil, H Lin, T Das
Review of Modern Physics 88, 021004, 2016
Prediction of large-gap two-dimensional topological insulators consisting of bilayers of group III elements with Bi
FC Chuang, LZ Yao, ZQ Huang, YT Liu, CH Hsu, T Das, H Lin, A Bansil
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A Ghatak, T Das
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Y Lu, W Xu, M Zeng, G Yao, L Shen, M Yang, Z Luo, F Pan, K Wu, T Das, ...
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Electronic fingerprints of DNA bases on graphene
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Intermediate coupling model of the cuprates
T Das, RS Markiewicz, A Bansil
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T Das
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C Zhang, HF Li, Y Song, Y Su, G Tan, T Netherton, C Redding, SV Carr, ...
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Superconducting dome in MoS 2 and TiSe 2 generated by quasiparticle-phonon coupling
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T Das
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T Das, RS Markiewicz, A Bansil
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T Das, RS Markiewicz, A Bansil
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Wannier pairs in the superconducting twisted bilayer graphene and related systems
S Ray, J Jung, T Das
Physical Review B 99, 134515, 2018
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