Leonardo Macelloni
Leonardo Macelloni
Hydrographic Science Research Center, The University of Southern Mississippi
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Linking the historic 2011 Mississippi River flood to coastal wetland sedimentation
F Falcini, NS Khan, L Macelloni, BP Horton, CB Lutken, KL McKee, ...
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Black coral (Anthozoa, Antipatharia) forest near the western Pontine Islands (Tyrrhenian Sea)
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Evidence of a shallow water submarine hydrothermal field off Zannone Island from morphological and geochemical characterization: Implications for Tyrrhenian Sea Quaternary …
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Spatial distribution of seafloor biogeological and geochemical processes as proxy to evaluate fluid-flux regime and time evolution of a complex carbonate/hydrates mound …
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Defining the hydrocarbon leakage zone and the possible accumulation model for marine gas hydrates in a salt tectonic driven cold seep: examples from Woolsey Mound, MC118 …
A Simonetti, JH Knapp, CC Knapp, L Macelloni, CB Lutken
Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Gas Hydrates (ICGH 2011 …, 2011
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