Kai He
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Diffusive dynamics of nanoparticles in arrays of nanoposts
K He, F Babaye Khorasani, ST Retterer, DK Thomas, JC Conrad, ...
ACS nano 7 (6), 5122-5130, 2013
Evaluation of surfactant performance in fracturing fluids for enhanced well productivity in unconventional reservoirs using Rock-on-a-Chip approach
K He, L Xu, Y Gao, X Yin, KB Neeves
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 135, 531-541, 2015
Diffusive dynamics of nanoparticles in aqueous dispersions
K He, M Spannuth, JC Conrad, R Krishnamoorti
Soft Matter 8 (47), 11933-11938, 2012
Transport and dispersion of nanoparticles in periodic nanopost arrays
K He, ST Retterer, BR Srijanto, JC Conrad, R Krishnamoorti
ACS nano 8 (5), 4221-4227, 2014
Spontaneously imbibed fluids for increasing contact area between hydraulic fracturing fluids and formation matrix in liquids-rich shale plays
L Xu, K He, JP Rane, X Yin, K Neeves
SPE Liquids-Rich Basins Conference-North America, 2015
Validating Surfactant Performance in the Eagle Ford Shale: A Correlation between the Reservoir-on-a-Chip Approach and Enhanced Well Productivity
K He, L Xu, Y Gao, KB Neeves, X Yin, B Bai, Y Ma, J Smith
SPE Improved oil recovery symposium, 2014
Diffusive dynamics of nanoparticles in ultra-confined media
JDC Jacob, K He, ST Retterer, R Krishnamoorti, JC Conrad
Soft Matter 11 (38), 7515-7524, 2015
Minimizing Surfactant Adsorption Using Polyelectrolyte Based Sacrificial Agent: a Way to Optimize Surfactant Performance in Unconventional Formations
K He, Z Yue, C Fan, L Xu
SPE International Symposium on Oilfield Chemistry, 2015
Low-Salinity Brine Enhances Oil Production in Liquids-Rich Shale Formations
C Nguyen, R Kothamasu, K He, L Xu
SPE Western Regional Meeting, 2015
Insights into whether low salinity brine enhances oil production in liquids-rich shale formations
K He, C Nguyen, R Kothamasu, L Xu
EUROPEC 2015, 2015
Insights into surfactant containing fracturing fluids inducing microcracks and spontaneously imbibing in shale rocks
L Xu, K He, C Nguyen
SPE/CSUR Unconventional Resources Conference, 2015
Addressing Operator Concerns: Will Surfactant's Performance be Compromised Under Harsh Conditions?
K He, L Xu
EUROPEC 2015, 2015
Injecting polyelecrolyte based sacrificial agents for use in unconventional formations
K He, L Xu
US Patent App. 14/895,854, 2016
A Rock-on-a-Chip Approach to Study Fluid Invasion and Flowback in Liquids-Rich Shale Formations
K He, L Xu, S Kenzhekhanov, X Yin, KB Neeves
SPE Oklahoma City Oil and Gas Symposium, 2017
Multi-functional surfactant complexes for use in subterranean formations
L Xu, R Jayant, K He
US Patent 9,970,265, 2018
Unique Mixtures of Anionic/Cationic Surfactants: A New Approach to Enhance Surfactant Performance in Liquids-Rich Shale Reservoirs
K He, L Xu
SPE International Conference on Oilfield Chemistry, 2017
Surfactant Formulations for Reduced and Delayed Adsorption
K He, L Xu
US Patent App. No. PCT/US2014/045,253, 2014
Case Study: A Two-Part Salt-Tolerant Friction Reducer System Enables the Reuse of Produced Water in Hydraulic Fracturing
L Xu, P Lord, K He, H Riley, J Koons, T Wauters, S Weiman
SPE International Conference on Oilfield Chemistry, 2017
Multifunctional Fracturing Additives as Flowback Aids
Z Yue, Y Peng, K He, L Xu
SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, 2016
Multifunctional, Salt-Tolerant Friction Reducer Stabilizes Clay Formations and Minimizes the Alteration of Rock Wettability Under Downhole Conditions after Hydraulic Fracturing
L Xu, K He, A Ariyaratna, J Ogle
SPE International Conference and Exhibition on Formation Damage Control, 2018
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