Arun kumar Macharla
Arun kumar Macharla
Research Associate, ACRHEM, DRDO Center of Excellence, University of Hyderabad
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Highly reactive and selective Sn-Pd bimetallic catalyst supported by nanocrystalline ZSM-5 for aqueous nitrate reduction
S Hamid #, MA Kumar #, W Lee, (# contributed equally)
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 187, 37-46, 2016
Oxidative bromination of ketones using ammonium bromide and oxone®
AK Macharla, RC Nappunni, MR Marri, S Peraka, N Nama
Tetrahedron letters 53 (2), 191-195, 2012
N-Alkylation of amines with alcohols over nanosized zeolite beta
MM Reddy, MA Kumar, P Swamy, M Naresh, K Srujana, L Satyanarayana, ...
Green chemistry 15 (12), 3474-3483, 2013
Regio-and stereoselective hydroxybromination and dibromination of olefins using ammonium bromide and oxone®
AK Macharla, RC Nappunni, N Nama
Tetrahedron Letters 53 (11), 1401-1405, 2012
Oxidative iodination of carbonyl compounds using ammonium iodide and oxone®
MR Marri, AK Macharla, S Peraka, N Nama
Tetrahedron letters 52 (49), 6554-6559, 2011
Fast and efficient bromination of aromatic compounds with ammonium bromide and oxone
M Naresh, MA Kumar, MM Reddy, P Swamy, JB Nanubolu, N Narender
Synthesis 45 (11), 1497-1504, 2013
Bromination of aromatic compounds using ammonium bromide and Oxone®
MA Kumar, CN Rohitha, SJ Kulkarni, N Narender
Synthesis 2010 (10), 1629-1632, 2010
Iodine-catalyzed tandem synthesis of terminal acetals and glycol mono esters from olefins
M ArunáKumar, M MahenderáReddy, C NappunniáRohitha, ...
Chemical Communications 49 (17), 1711-1713, 2013
Reductive dechlorination of trichloroethylene by polyvinylpyrrolidone stabilized nanoscale zerovalent iron particles with Ni
MA Kumar, S Bae, S Han, Y Chang, W Lee
Journal of hazardous materials 340, 399-406, 2017
Tetrahydropyranylation of alcohols over modified zeolites
N Narender, KSK Reddy, MA Kumar, CN Rohitha, SJ Kulkarni
Catalysis letters 134 (1), 175-178, 2010
Nitrate reduction on the surface of bimetallic catalysts supported by nano-crystalline beta-zeolite (NBeta)
S Hamid, MA Kumar, JI Han, H Kim, W Lee
Green Chemistry 19 (3), 853-866, 2017
Mild and Efficient α-Chlorination of Carbonyl Compounds Using Ammonium Chloride and Oxone (2KHSO5·KHSO4·K2SO4)
P Swamy, MA Kumar, MM Reddy, N Narender
Chemistry letters 41 (4), 432-434, 2012
Very Important Publication: Hypoiodite‐Catalyzed Regioselective Oxidation of Alkenes: An Expeditious Access to Aldehydes in Aqueous Micellar Media
P Swamy, MM Reddy, M Naresh, MA Kumar, K Srujana, C Durgaiah, ...
Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 357 (6), 1125-1130, 2015
Catalyst-free one-pot synthesis of benzimidazoles from 1, 2-diaminoarenes and alcohols
MR Marri, S Peraka, AK Macharla, N Mameda, S Kodumuri, N Nama
Tetrahedron Letters 55 (48), 6520-6525, 2014
The vicinal functionalization of olefins: a facile route to the direct synthesis of β-chlorohydrins and β-chloroethers
P Swamy, MA Kumar, MM Reddy, M Naresh, K Srujana, N Narender
RSC Advances 4 (50), 26288-26294, 2014
Vicinal Dichlorination of Olefins Using NH4Cl and Oxone®
P Swamy, MM Reddy, MA Kumar, M Naresh, N Narender
Synthesis 46 (02), 251-257, 2014
Decomposition Mechanism of Hexanitrohexaazaisowurtzitane (CL-20) by Coupled Computational and Experimental Study
MA Kumar, P Ashutosh, AA Vargeese
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 123 (18), 4014-4020, 2019
Regio- and stereoselective co-iodination of olefins using NH4I and Oxone
C Durgaiah, M Naresh, M Arun Kumar, P Swamy, MM Reddy, K Srujana, ...
Synthetic Communications 46 (13), 1133-1144, 2016
A convenient and clean synthesis of methylenebisamides and carbinolamides over zeolites in aqueous media
GNNN Mameda Naresh,a Marri Mahender Reddy,a Peraka Swamy,a Macharla Arun ...
Catalysis Communications 61, 41-43, 2015
Alkoxybromination of olefins using ammonium bromide and oxone
MA Kumar, M Naresh, CN Rohitha, N Narender
Synthetic Communications 43 (23), 3121-3129, 2013
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