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High-pressure hydrogen sulfide from first principles: A strongly anharmonic phonon-mediated superconductor
I Errea, M Calandra, CJ Pickard, J Nelson, RJ Needs, Y Li, H Liu, Y Zhang, ...
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I Errea, M Calandra, CJ Pickard, JR Nelson, RJ Needs, Y Li, H Liu, ...
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I Errea, M Calandra, F Mauri
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M Leroux, I Errea, M Le Tacon, SM Souliou, G Garbarino, L Cario, ...
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Second-order structural phase transitions, free energy curvature, and temperature-dependent anharmonic phonons in the self-consistent harmonic approximation: Theory andá…
R Bianco, I Errea, L Paulatto, M Calandra, F Mauri
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GAS Ribeiro, L Paulatto, R Bianco, I Errea, F Mauri, M Calandra
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R Nemausat, D Cabaret, C Gervais, C Brouder, N Trcera, A Bordage, ...
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Quantum crystal structure in the 250-kelvin superconducting lanthanum hydride
I Errea, F Belli, L Monacelli, A Sanna, T Koretsune, T Tadano, R Bianco, ...
Nature 578 (7793), 66-69, 2020
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U Aseginolaza, R Bianco, L Monacelli, L Paulatto, M Calandra, F Mauri, ...
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Quantum Enhancement of Charge Density Wave in NbS2 in the Two-Dimensional Limit
R Bianco, I Errea, L Monacelli, M Calandra, F Mauri
Nano letters 19 (5), 3098-3103, 2019
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