Paulo André D. Gonçalves
Paulo André D. Gonçalves
PhD student
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An Introduction to Graphene Plasmonics
PAD Goncalves, NMR Peres
World Scientific, 2016
Zigzag graphene nanoribbon edge reconstruction with Stone-Wales defects
JNB Rodrigues, PAD Gonçalves, NFG Rodrigues, RM Ribeiro, ...
Physical Review B 84 (15), 155435, 2011
Plasmon-exciton polaritons in two-dimensional semiconductor/metal interfaces
PAD Gonçalves, LP Bertelsen, S Xiao, NA Mortensen
Physical Review B 97 (4), 041402, 2018
Graphene Plasmons in Triangular Wedges and Grooves
PAD Gonçalves, EJC Dias, S Xiao, MI Vasilevskiy, NA Mortensen, ...
ACS Photonics 3 (11), 2176–2183, 2016
Hybridized Plasmons in 2D Nano-slits: From Graphene to Anisotropic 2D Materials
PAD Gonçalves, S Xiao, NMR Peres, NA Mortensen
ACS Photonics, 2017
Modeling the excitation of graphene plasmons in periodic grids of graphene ribbons: An analytical approach
PAD Gonçalves, EJC Dias, YV Bludov, NMR Peres
Physical Review B 94 (19), 195421, 2016
Fluctuations and noise-limited sensing near the exceptional point of parity-time-symmetric resonator systems
NA Mortensen, PAD Gonçalves, M Khajavikhan, DN Christodoulides, ...
Optica 5 (10), 1342-1346, 2018
Plasmonic silicon Schottky photodetectors: The physics behind graphene enhanced internal photoemission
U Levy, M Grajower, PAD Gonçalves, NA Mortensen, JB Khurgin
APL Photonics 2 (2), 026103, 2017
Probing nonlocal effects in metals with graphene plasmons
EJC Dias, DA Iranzo, PAD Gonçalves, Y Hajati, YV Bludov, AP Jauho, ...
Physical Review B 97 (24), 245405, 2018
Universal description of channel plasmons in two-dimensional materials
PAD Gonçalves, SI Bozhevolnyi, NA Mortensen, NMR Peres
Optica 4 (6), 595-600, 2017
Impact of graphene on the polarizability of a neighbour nanoparticle: a dyadic Green’s function study
B Amorim, PAD Gonçalves, MI Vasilevskiy, NMR Peres
Applied Sciences 7 (11), 1158, 2017
Mie excitons: Understanding strong coupling in dielectric nanoparticles
C Tserkezis, PAD Gonçalves, C Wolff, F Todisco, K Busch, NA Mortensen
Physical Review B 98 (15), 155439, 2018
Scattering of graphene plasmons at abrupt interfaces: an analytic and numeric study
AJ Chaves, B Amorim, YV Bludov, PAD Gonçalves, NMR Peres
Physical Review B 97 (3), 035434, 2018
Single-Crystalline Gold Nanodisks on WS2 Mono- and Multilayers for Strong Coupling at Room Temperature
M Geisler, X Cui, J Wang, T Rindzevicius, L Gammelgaard, BS Jessen, ...
Acs Photonics 6 (4), 994-1001, 2019
Magnetoplasmons in monolayer black phosphorus structures
Y You, PAD Gonçalves, L Shen, M Wubs, X Deng, S Xiao
Optics Letters 44 (3), 554-557, 2019
Thermodynamics of a Potts-like model for a reconstructed zigzag edge in graphene nanoribbons
JNB Rodrigues, PAD Gonçalves, JE Santos, AHC Neto
Physical Review B 87 (13), 134204, 2013
Plasmon-Emitter Interactions at the Nanoscale
PAD Gonçalves, T Christensen, N Rivera, AP Jauho, NA Mortensen, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1904.09279, 2019
Probing Graphene's Nonlocality with Singular Metasurfaces
E Galiffi, PA Huidobro, PAD Goncalves, NA Mortensen, JB Pendry
arXiv preprint arXiv:1908.09320, 2019
On the applicability of quantum-optical concepts in strong-coupling nanophotonics
C Tserkezis, AI Fernández-Domínguez, PAD Gonçalves, F Todisco, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1907.02605, 2019
Magnetic and Electric Mie-Exciton Polaritons in Silicon Nanodisks
F Todisco, R Malureanu, C Wolff, PAD Gonçalves, AS Roberts, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1906.09898, 2019
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