Hannes Bernien
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Loophole-free Bell inequality violation using electron spins separated by 1.3 kilometres
B Hensen, H Bernien, AE Drau, A Reiserer, N Kalb, MS Blok, ...
Nature 526 (7575), 682-686, 2015
Probing many-body dynamics on a 51-atom quantum simulator
H Bernien, S Schwartz, A Keesling, H Levine, A Omran, H Pichler, S Choi, ...
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Heralded entanglement between solid-state qubits separated by 3 meters
H Bernien, B Hensen, W Pfaff, G Koolstra, MS Blok, L Robledo, ...
Nature 497, 86–90, 2013
Atom-by-atom assembly of defect-free one-dimensional cold atom arrays
M Endres*, H Bernien*, A Keesling*, H Levine*, ER Anschuetz, ...
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High-fidelity projective read-out of a solid-state spin quantum register
L Robledo*, L Childress*, H Bernien*, B Hensen, PFA Alkemade, ...
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Unconditional quantum teleportation between distant solid-state quantum bits
W Pfaff, BJ Hensen, H Bernien, SB van Dam, MS Blok, TH Taminiau, ...
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Quantum Kibble–Zurek mechanism and critical dynamics on a programmable Rydberg simulator
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T Van der Sar, ZH Wang, MS Blok, H Bernien, TH Taminiau, DM Toyli, ...
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High-fidelity control and entanglement of Rydberg-atom qubits
H Levine, A Keesling, A Omran, H Bernien, S Schwartz, AS Zibrov, ...
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Active Terahertz Nanoantennas Based on VO2 Phase Transition
M Seo, J Kyoung, H Park, S Koo, H Kim, H Bernien, BJ Kim, JH Choe, ...
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Spin dynamics in the optical cycle of single nitrogen-vacancy centres in diamond
L Robledo, H Bernien, T Van Der Sar, R Hanson
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Two-photon quantum interference from separate nitrogen vacancy centers in diamond
H Bernien, L Childress, L Robledo, M Markham, D Twitchen, R Hanson
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Coherent manipulation, measurement and entanglement of individual solid-state spins using optical fields
WB Gao, A Imamoglu, H Bernien, R Hanson
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Development of quantum interconnects (quics) for next-generation information technologies
D Awschalom, KK Berggren, H Bernien, S Bhave, LD Carr, P Davids, ...
Prx Quantum 2 (1), 017002, 2021
Demonstration of entanglement-by-measurement of solid-state qubits
W Pfaff, TH Taminiau, L Robledo, H Bernien, M Markham, DJ Twitchen, ...
Nature Physics 9 (1), 29-33, 2013
Control and Coherence of the Optical Transition of Single Nitrogen<? format?> Vacancy Centers in Diamond
L Robledo, H Bernien, I Van Weperen, R Hanson
Physical review letters 105 (17), 177403, 2010
Integrating neural networks with a quantum simulator for state reconstruction
G Torlai, B Timar, EPL Van Nieuwenburg, H Levine, A Omran, A Keesling, ...
Physical review letters 123 (23), 230504, 2019
Electrical control of terahertz nano antennas on VO2 thin film
YG Jeong, H Bernien, JS Kyoung, HR Park, HS Kim, JW Choi, BJ Kim, ...
Optics express 19 (22), 21211-21215, 2011
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