Riccardo L Rossi
Riccardo L Rossi
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Reduction of CD68+ macrophages and decreased IL-17 expression in intestinal mucosa of patients with inflammatory bowel disease strongly correlate with endoscopic response and†…
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Recognition of viral and self-antigens by TH1 and TH1/TH17 central memory cells in patients with multiple sclerosis reveals distinct roles in immune surveillance and relapses
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A Myc-driven self-reinforcing regulatory network maintains mouse embryonic stem cell identity
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Defects During Mecp2 Null Embryonic Cortex Development Precede the Onset of Overt Neurological Symptoms
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Inhibition of CCR7/CCL19 axis in lesional skin is a critical event for clinical remission induced by TNF blockade in patients with psoriasis
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miRiadne: a web tool for consistent integration of miRNA nomenclature
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A modular systems biology analysis of cell cycle entrance into S-phase
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