Marco Taddei
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Synthesis, breathing, and gas sorption study of the first isoreticular mixed-linker phosphonate based metal–organic frameworks
M Taddei, F Costantino, A Ienco, A Comotti, PV Dau, SM Cohen
Chemical Communications 49 (13), 1315-1317, 2013
When defects turn into virtues: The curious case of zirconium-based metal-organic frameworks
M Taddei
Coordination Chemistry Reviews 343, 1-24, 2017
The first route to highly stable crystalline microporous zirconium phosphonate metal–organic frameworks
M Taddei, F Costantino, F Marmottini, A Comotti, P Sozzani, R Vivani
Chemical Communications 50 (94), 14831-14834, 2014
Continuous‐Flow Microwave Synthesis of Metal–Organic Frameworks: A Highly Efficient Method for Large‐Scale Production
M Taddei, DA Steitz, JA van Bokhoven, M Ranocchiari
Chemistry–A European Journal 22 (10), 3245-3249, 2016
Efficient microwave assisted synthesis of metal–organic framework UiO-66: optimization and scale up
M Taddei, PV Dau, SM Cohen, M Ranocchiari, JA van Bokhoven, ...
Dalton Transactions 44 (31), 14019-14026, 2015
Synthesis and crystal structure from X-ray powder diffraction data of two zirconium diphosphonates containing piperazine groups
M Taddei, F Costantino, R Vivani
Inorganic chemistry 49 (20), 9664-9670, 2010
A layered mixed zirconium phosphate/phosphonate with exposed carboxylic and phosphonic groups: X-ray powder structure and proton conductivity properties
A Donnadio, M Nocchetti, F Costantino, M Taddei, M Casciola, ...
Inorganic chemistry 53 (24), 13220-13226, 2014
The use of a rigid tritopic phosphonic ligand for the synthesis of a robust honeycomb-like layered zirconium phosphonate framework
M Taddei, F Costantino, R Vivani, S Sabatini, SH Lim, SM Cohen
Chemical Communications 50 (43), 5737-5740, 2014
Decomposition process of carboxylate MOF HKUST-1 unveiled at the atomic scale level
M Todaro, G Buscarino, L Sciortino, A Alessi, F Messina, M Taddei, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (23), 12879-12889, 2016
Synthesis, crystal structure, and proton conductivity of one-dimensional, two-dimensional, and three-dimensional zirconium phosphonates based on glyphosate and glyphosine
M Taddei, A Donnadio, F Costantino, R Vivani, M Casciola
Inorganic chemistry 52 (20), 12131-12139, 2013
Influence of π–π stacking interactions on the assembly of layered copper phosphonate coordination polymers: combined powder diffraction and electron paramagnetic resonance study
M Taddei, F Costantino, R Vivani, C Sangregorio, L Sorace, L Castelli
Crystal Growth & Design 12 (5), 2327-2335, 2012
Robust Metal‐Organic Frameworks Based on Tritopic Phosphonoaromatic Ligands
M Taddei, F Costantino, R Vivani
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2016 (27), 4300-4309, 2016
Integrated PLGA–Ag nanocomposite systems to control the degradation rate and antibacterial properties
S Rinaldi, E Fortunati, M Taddei, JM Kenny, I Armentano, L Latterini
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 130 (2), 1185-1193, 2013
Mixed-linker UiO-66: structure–property relationships revealed by a combination of high-resolution powder X-ray diffraction and density functional theory calculations
M Taddei, D Tiana, N Casati, JA Van Bokhoven, B Smit, M Ranocchiari
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (2), 1551-1559, 2017
New hybrid zirconium aminophosphonates containing piperidine and bipiperidine groups
M Taddei, F Costantino, V Manuali, R Vivani
Inorganic chemistry 50 (21), 10835-10843, 2011
Post‐Synthetic Ligand Exchange in Zirconium‐Based Metal–Organic Frameworks: Beware of The Defects!
M Taddei, RJ Wakeham, A Koutsianos, E Andreoli, AR Barron
Angewandte Chemie 130 (36), 11880-11884, 2018
A three-dimensional view of structural changes caused by deactivation of fluid catalytic cracking catalysts
J Ihli, RR Jacob, M Holler, M Guizar-Sicairos, A Diaz, JC Da Silva, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 809, 2017
Multi-technique Experimental Insight On An Unusual Crystal-to-Crystal High Temperature Solid State Reaction in Zirconium Carboxypyridinephosphonates: from 1D Chains to 2D …
F Costantino, P Sassi, M Geppi, M Taddei
Crystal Growth & Design 12 (11), 5462-5470, 2012
Aging of the reaction mixture as a tool to modulate the crystallite size of UiO-66 into the low nanometer range
M Taddei, KC Dümbgen, JA van Bokhoven, M Ranocchiari
Chemical Communications 52 (38), 6411-6414, 2016
Design and synthesis of plasticizing fillers based on zirconium phosphonates for glycerol-free composite starch films
A Donnadio, M Pica, M Taddei, R Vivani
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (11), 5098-5106, 2012
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