Richard F. L. Evans
Richard F. L. Evans
Department of Physics, University of York
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Transient ferromagnetic-like state mediating ultrafast reversal of antiferromagnetically coupled spins
I Radu, K Vahaplar, C Stamm, T Kachel, N Pontius, HA Drr, TA Ostler, ...
Nature 472 (7342), 205-208, 2011
Ultrafast heating as a sufficient stimulus for magnetization reversal in a ferrimagnet
TA Ostler, J Barker, RFL Evans, RW Chantrell, U Atxitia, ...
Nature Communications 3, 666, 2012
Atomistic spin model simulations of magnetic nanomaterials
RFL Evans, WJ Fan, P Chureemart, TA Ostler, MOA Ellis, RW Chantrell
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 26 (10), 103202, 2014
Stochastic form of the Landau-Lifshitz-Bloch equation
R Evans, D Hinzke, U Atxitia, U Nowak, RW Chantrell, ...
Physical Review B 85, 014433, 2012
Effective anisotropies and energy barriers of magnetic nanoparticles with Nel surface anisotropy
R Yanes, O Chubykalo-Fesenko, H Kachkachi, DA Garanin, R Evans, ...
Physical Review B 76 (6), 064416, 2007
Crystallographically amorphous ferrimagnetic alloys: Comparing a localized atomistic spin model with experiments
TA Ostler, RFL Evans, RW Chantrell, U Atxitia, O Chubykalo-Fesenko, ...
Physical Review B 84 (2), 024407, 2011
Constrained Monte Carlo method and calculation of the temperature dependence of magnetic anisotropy
P Asselin, RFL Evans, J Barker, RW Chantrell, R Yanes, ...
Physical Review B 82 (5), 054415, 2010
Thermally induced error: Density limit for magnetic data storage
RFL Evans, RW Chantrell, U Nowak, A Lyberatos, HJ Richter
Applied Physics Letters 100 (10), 102402-102402-3, 2012
Multiscale modeling of magnetic materials: Temperature dependence of the exchange stiffness
U Atxitia, D Hinzke, O Chubykalo-Fesenko, U Nowak, H Kachkachi, ...
Physical Review B 82 (13), 134440, 2010
Ultrafast thermally induced magnetic switching in synthetic ferrimagnets
RFL Evans, TA Ostler, RW Chantrell, I Radu, T Rasing
Applied Physics Letters 104 (8), 082410, 2014
The Curie temperature distribution of FePt granular magnetic recording media
O Hovorka, S Devos, Q Coopman, WJ Fan, CJ Aas, RFL Evans, X Chen, ...
Applied Physics Letters 101 (5), 052406, 2012
The thermodynamic limits of magnetic recording
HJ Richter, A Lyberatos, U Nowak, RFL Evans, RW Chantrell
Journal of Applied Physics 111 (3), 033909, 2012
Quantitative simulation of temperature-dependent magnetization dynamics and equilibrium properties of elemental ferromagnets
RFL Evans, U Atxitia, RW Chantrell
Physical Review B 91 (14), 144425, 2015
Influence of interfacial roughness on exchange bias in core-shell nanoparticles
RFL Evans, D Bate, RW Chantrell, R Yanes, O Chubykalo-Fesenko
Physical Review B 84 (9), 092404, 2011
Ultrafast dynamical path for the switching of a ferrimagnet after femtosecond heating
U Atxitia, T Ostler, J Barker, RFL Evans, RW Chantrell, ...
Physical Review B 87 (22), 224417, 2013
Ultrafast and Distinct Spin Dynamics in Magnetic Alloys
I Radu, C Stamm, A Eschenlohr, F Radu, R Abrudan, K Vahaplar, ...
Spin 5 (03), 1550004, 2015
Newtype single-layer magnetic semiconductor in transition-metal dichalcogenides VX2 (X= S, Se and Te)
HR Fuh, CR Chang, YK Wang, RFL Evans, RW Chantrell, HT Jeng
Scientific reports 6, 32625, 2016
Atomistic spin model simulation of magnetic reversal modes near the Curie point
J Barker, RFL Evans, RW Chantrell, D Hinzke, U Nowak
Applied Physics Letters 97 (19), 192504, 2010
Temperature-dependent exchange stiffness and domain wall width in Co
R Moreno, RFL Evans, S Khmelevskyi, MC Muoz, RW Chantrell, ...
Physical Review B 94 (10), 104433, 2016
Energy losses in interacting fine-particle magnetic composites
F Burrows, C Parker, RFL Evans, Y Hancock, O Hovorka, RW Chantrell
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 43, 474010, 2010
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