Grazia Totaro
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Biowaste biorefinery in Europe: opportunities and research & development needs
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PBS makes its entrance into the family of biobased plastics
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Biodegradable and biobased polymers for environmental and biomedicalá…, 2016
Multicomponent reinforcing system for poly (butylene succinate): Composites containing poly (l-lactide) electrospun mats loaded with graphene
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A new route of valorization of rice endosperm by-product: Production of polymeric biocomposites
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Formulation of green particulate composites from PLA and PBS matrix and wastes deriving from the coffee production
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Journal of Polymers and the Environment 27, 1488-1496, 2019
Marinobacter sp. from marine sediments produce highly stable surface-active agents for combatting marine oil spills
N Raddadi, L Giacomucci, G Totaro, F Fava
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Poly (butylene succinate) bionanocomposites: a novel bio-organo-modified layered double hydroxide for superior mechanical properties
G Totaro, L Sisti, A Celli, H Askanian, V Verney, F Leroux
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Poly (butylene succinate)/layered double hydroxide bionanocomposites: Relationships between chemical structure of LDH anion, delamination strategy, and final properties
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End of life of biodegradable plastics: composting versus Re/upcycling
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ChemSusChem 14 (19), 4167-4175, 2021
Dual chain extension effect and antibacterial properties of biomolecules interleaved within LDH dispersed into PBS by in situ polymerization
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Dalton Transactions 47 (9), 3155-3165, 2018
Biobased vanillic acid and ricinoleic acid: building blocks for fully renewable copolyesters
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X-ray diffraction and rheology cross-study of polymer chain penetrating surfactant tethered layered double hydroxide resulting into intermixed structure with polypropyleneá…
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Enzymatically treated curaua fibers in poly (butylene succinate)-based biocomposites
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TiO2 deposition on the surface of activated fluoropolymer substrate
L Sisti, L Cruciani, G Totaro, M Vannini, C Berti, DM Tobaldi, A Tucci, ...
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Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology 18 (2), 1169-1175, 2018
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