Eugenio Dentoni Litta
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Vertically stacked gate-all-around Si nanowire transistors: Key process optimizations and ring oscillator demonstration
H Mertens, R Ritzenthaler, V Pena, G Santoro, K Kenis, A Schulze, ...
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High-deposition-rate atomic layer deposition of thulium oxide from TmCp3 and H2O
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Integration of TmSiO/HfO2 Dielectric Stack in Sub-nm EOT High-k/Metal Gate CMOS Technology
ED Litta, PE Hellstr÷m, M Ístling
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Novel forksheet device architecture as ultimate logic scaling device towards 2nm
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Mobility enhancement by integration of TmSiO IL in 0.65 nm EOT high-k/metal gate MOSFETs
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TaN versus TiN metal gate input/output pMOSFETs: A low-frequency noise perspective
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Threshold voltage control in TmSiO/HfO2 high-k/metal gate MOSFETs
ED Litta, PE Hellstr÷m, M Ístling
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Ultra-thin film and interface analysis of high-k dielectric materials employing Time-Of-Flight Medium Energy Ion Scattering (TOF-MEIS)
D Primetzhofer, ED Litta, A HallÚn, MK Linnarsson, G Possnert
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beamá…, 2014
First Monolithic Integration of 3D Complementary FET (CFET) on 300mm Wafers
S Subramanian, M Hosseini, T Chiarella, S Sarkar, P Schuddinck, ...
2020 IEEE Symposium on VLSI Technology, 1-2, 2020
CMOS integration of high-k/metal gate transistors in diffusion and gate replacement (D&GR) scheme for dynamic random access memory peripheral circuits
ED Litta, R Ritzenthaler, T Schram, A Spessot, B O’Sullivan, ...
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 57 (4S), 04FB08, 2018
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