Gabor Csucs
Gabor Csucs
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Surface engineering approaches to micropattern surfaces for cell-based assays
D Falconnet, G Csucs, HM Grandin, M Textor
Biomaterials 27 (16), 3044-3063, 2006
Focal adhesion size controls tension-dependent recruitment of α-smooth muscle actin to stress fibers
JM Goffin, P Pittet, G Csucs, JW Lussi, JJ Meister, B Hinz
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Optical grating coupler biosensors
J Vrs, JJ Ramsden, G Csucs, I Szendrő, SM De Paul, M Textor, ...
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Microcontact printing of novel co-polymers in combination with proteins for cell-biological applications
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A protein inventory of human ribosome biogenesis reveals an essential function of exportin 5 in 60S subunit export
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A novel approach to produce biologically relevant chemical patterns at the nanometer scale: Selective molecular assembly patterning combined with colloidal lithography
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S Faraasen, J Vrs, G Cscs, M Textor, HP Merkle, E Walter
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CIDRE: an illumination-correction method for optical microscopy
K Smith, Y Li, F Piccinini, G Csucs, C Balazs, A Bevilacqua, P Horvath
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Surface modification of PLGA microspheres
M Mller, J Vrs, G Csucs, E Walter, G Danuser, HP Merkle, ND Spencer, ...
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A: An Official Journal of The…, 2003
Microcontact printing of macromolecules with submicrometer resolution by means of polyolefin stamps
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Pattern stability under cell culture conditions—a comparative study of patterning methods based on PLL-g-PEG background passivation
JW Lussi, D Falconnet, JA Hubbell, M Textor, G Csucs
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A classical NLS and the SUN domain contribute to the targeting of SUN2 to the inner nuclear membrane
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Genome-wide RNAi screening identifies protein modules required for 40S subunit synthesis in human cells
L Badertscher, T Wild, C Montellese, LT Alexander, L Bammert, ...
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Interaction of phospholipid vesicles with smooth metal-oxide surfaces
G Cscs, JJ Ramsden
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Single muscle fiber contraction is dictated by inter-sarcomere dynamics
J Denoth, E Stssi, G Csucs, G Danuser
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Covalent Attachment of Novel Poly(ethylene glycol)−Poly(dl-lactic acid) Copolymeric Micelles to TiO2 Surfaces
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Exon skipping of cathepsin B: mitochondrial targeting of a lysosomal peptidase provokes cell death
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A novel generic platform for chemical patterning of surfaces
JW Lussi, R Michel, I Reviakine, D Falconnet, A Goessl, G Csucs, ...
Progress in Surface Science 76 (3-5), 55-69, 2004
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