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Effects of landscape anthropization on mosquito community composition and abundance.
M Ferraguti, J Martınez-de la Puente, D Roiz, S Ruiz, R Soriguer, ...
Scientific Reports 6, 29002, 2016
Avian Plasmodium in Culex and Ochlerotatus Mosquitoes from Southern Spain: Effects of Season and Host-Feeding Source on Parasite Dynamics
M Ferraguti, J Martinez-de la Puente, J Munoz, D Roiz, S Ruiz, R Soriguer, ...
PloS one 8 (6), e66237, 2013
Ecological determinants of avian malaria infections: an integrative analysis at landscape, mosquito and vertebrate community levels
M Ferraguti, J Martínez‐de la Puente, S Bensch, D Roiz, S Ruiz, DS Viana, ...
Journal of Animal Ecology 87 (3), 727-740, 2018
On the study of the transmission networks of blood parasites from SW Spain: diversity of avian haemosporidians in the biting midge Culicoides circumscriptus and …
M Ferraguti, J Martínez-de la Puente, S Ruiz, R Soriguer, J Figuerola
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Culex pipiens forms and urbanization: effects on blood feeding sources and transmission of avian Plasmodium
J Martínez-de La Puente, M Ferraguti, S Ruiz, D Roiz, RC Soriguer, ...
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Urbanization and blood parasite infections affect the body condition of wild birds
J Jiménez-Peñuela, M Ferraguti, J Martínez-de la Puente, R Soriguer, ...
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Mosquito community influences West Nile virus seroprevalence in wild birds: implications for the risk of spillover into human populations
J Martínez-De La Puente, M Ferraguti, S Ruiz, D Roiz, F Llorente, ...
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Determinants of the current and future distribution of the West Nile virus mosquito vector Culex pipiens in Spain
L Gangoso, D Aragonés, J Martínez-de la Puente, J Lucientes, ...
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Genetic characterization and molecular identification of the bloodmeal sources of the potential bluetongue vector Culicoides obsoletus in the Canary Islands, Spain
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The role of different Culex mosquito species in the transmission of West Nile virus and avian malaria parasites in Mediterranean areas
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A field test of the dilution effect hypothesis in four avian multi-host pathogens
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Prevalence and genetic diversity of Avipoxvirus in House Sparrows in Spain
J Ruiz-Martínez, M Ferraguti, J Figuerola, J Martínez-de la Puente, ...
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Ecological Effects on the Dynamics of West Nile Virus and Avian Plasmodium: The Importance of Mosquito Communities and Landscape
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House sparrow uropygial gland secretions do not attract ornithophilic nor mammophilic mosquitoes
A Díez‐Fernández, J Martínez‐de la Puente, L Gangoso, M Ferraguti, ...
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Mosquito alert: leveraging citizen science to create a GBIF mosquito occurrence dataset
Ž Južnič-Zonta, I Sanpera-Calbet, R Eritja, JRB Palmer, A Escobar, ...
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