Joice Sophia Ponraj
Joice Sophia Ponraj
Director & ADI Researcher, Aaivalayam Dynamic Integrated Research Academy and Corporations
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Few‐layer bismuthene: sonochemical exfoliation, nonlinear optics and applications for ultrafast photonics with enhanced stability
L Lu, Z Liang, L Wu, YX Chen, Y Song, SC Dhanabalan, JS Ponraj, ...
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Scalable Production of a Few-Layer MoS2/WS2 Vertical Heterojunction Array and Its Application for Photodetectors
Y Xue, Y Zhang, Y Liu, H Liu, J Song, J Sophia, J Liu, Z Xu, Q Xu, Z Wang, ...
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X Ren, J Zhou, X Qi, Y Liu, Z Huang, Z Li, Y Ge, SC Dhanabalan, ...
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Photonics and optoelectronics of two-dimensional materials beyond graphene
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SC Dhanabalan, JS Ponraj, Z Guo, S Li, Q Bao, H Zhang
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Synthesis and Transfer of Large-Area Monolayer WS2 Crystals: Moving Toward the Recyclable Use of Sapphire Substrates
ZQ Xu, Y Zhang, S Lin, C Zheng, YL Zhong, X Xia, Z Li, PJ Sophia, ...
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2D tellurium based high‐performance all‐optical nonlinear photonic devices
L Wu, W Huang, Y Wang, J Zhao, D Ma, Y Xiang, J Li, JS Ponraj, ...
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SC Dhanabalan, B Dhanabalan, JS Ponraj, Q Bao, H Zhang
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Fluorination‐Enhanced Ambient Stability and Electronic Tolerance of Black Phosphorus Quantum Dots
X Tang, H Chen, JS Ponraj, SC Dhanabalan, Q Xiao, D Fan, H Zhang
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Hybrid carbon nanostructured fibers: Stepping stone for intelligent textile-based electronics
SC Dhanabalan, B Dhanabalan, X Chen, JS Ponraj, H Zhang
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Few‐layer Bismuthene: Sonochemical Exfoliation, Nonlinear Optics and Applications for Ultrafast Photonics with Enhanced Stability (Laser Photonics Rev. 12 (1)/2018)
L Lu, Z Liang, L Wu, YX Chen, Y Song, SC Dhanabalan, JS Ponraj, ...
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Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 47 (39), 394006, 2014
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