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Lactoferrin and cyclic lactoferricin inhibit the entry of human cytomegalovirus into human fibroblasts
JH Andersen, SA Osbakk, LH Vorland, T Traavik, TJ Gutteberg
Antiviral research 51 (2), 141-149, 2001
Lactoferrin and lactoferricin inhibit Herpes simplex 1 and 2 infection and exhibit synergy when combined with acyclovir
JH Andersen, H Jenssen, TJ Gutteberg
Antiviral research 58 (3), 209-215, 2003
Bioactivity screening of microalgae for antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, anti-diabetes, and antibacterial activities
C Lauritano, JH Andersen, E Hansen, M Albrigtsen, L Escalera, ...
Frontiers in marine science 3, 68, 2016
Anti‐HSV activity of lactoferrin and lactoferricin is dependent on the presence of heparan sulphate at the cell surface
JH Andersen, H Jenssen, K Sandvik, TJ Gutteberg
Journal of medical virology 74 (2), 262-271, 2004
Anti-HSV activity of lactoferricin analogues is only partly related to their affinity for heparan sulfate
H Jenssen, JH Andersen, L Uhlin-Hansen, TJ Gutteberg, Ø Rekdal
Antiviral research 61 (2), 101-109, 2004
The marine biodiscovery pipeline and ocean medicines of tomorrow
M Jaspars, D De Pascale, JH Andersen, F Reyes, AD Crawford, A Ianora
Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 96 (1 …, 2016
A combined atomic force microscopy and computational approach for the structural elucidation of breitfussin A and B: Highly modified halogenated dipeptides from Thuiaria breitfussi
KØ Hanssen, B Schuler, AJ Williams, TB Demissie, E Hansen, ...
Angewandte Chemie 124 (49), 12404-12407, 2012
Synoxazolidinones A and B: Novel Bioactive Alkaloids from the Ascidian Synoicum pulmonaria
M Tadesse, MB Strøm, J Svenson, M Jaspars, BF Milne, V Tørfoss, ...
Organic letters 12 (21), 4752-4755, 2010
A wide range of medium-sized, highly cationic, α-helical peptides show antiviral activity against herpes simplex virus
H Jenssen, JH Andersen, D Mantzilas, TJ Gutteberg
Antiviral research 64 (2), 119-126, 2004
Light and temperature effects on bioactivity in diatoms
RA Ingebrigtsen, E Hansen, JH Andersen, HC Eilertsen
Journal of applied phycology 28 (2), 939-950, 2016
Inhibition of HSV cell-to-cell spread by lactoferrin and lactoferricin
H Jenssen, K Sandvik, JH Andersen, REW Hancock, TJ Gutteberg
Antiviral research 79 (3), 192-198, 2008
Synoxazolidinone C; a bicyclic member of the synoxazolidinone family with antibacterial and anticancer activities
M Tadesse, J Svenson, M Jaspars, MB Strøm, MH Abdelrahman, ...
Tetrahedron letters 52 (15), 1804-1806, 2011
Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities of barettin
KF Lind, E Hansen, B Østerud, KE Eilertsen, A Bayer, M Engqvist, ...
Marine Drugs 11 (7), 2655-2666, 2013
The Antibacterial ent-Eusynstyelamide B and Eusynstyelamides D, E, and F from the Arctic Bryozoan Tegella cf. spitzbergensis
M Tadesse, JN Tabudravu, M Jaspars, MB Strøm, E Hansen, ...
Journal of natural products 74 (4), 837-841, 2011
Cellular antioxidant effect of four bromophenols from the red algae, Vertebrata lanosa
EK Olsen, E Hansen, J Isaksson, JH Andersen
Marine Drugs 11 (8), 2769-2784, 2013
The bromotyrosine derivative ianthelline isolated from the arctic marine sponge Stryphnus fortis inhibits marine micro-and macrobiofouling
KØ Hanssen, G Cervin, R Trepos, J Petitbois, T Haug, E Hansen, ...
Marine biotechnology 16 (6), 684-694, 2014
Isolation and Synthesis of Pulmonarins A and B, Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors from the Colonial Ascidian Synoicum pulmonaria
M Tadesse, J Svenson, K Sepčić, L Trembleau, M Engqvist, ...
Journal of natural products 77 (2), 364-369, 2014
Polyunsaturated fatty acid-derived chromones exhibiting potent antioxidant activity
YMA Mohamed, A Vik, T Hofer, JH Andersen, TV Hansen
Chemistry and physics of lipids 170, 41-45, 2013
Heterogeneity in γ-glutamyltransferase mRNA expression and glycan structures. Search for tumor-specific variants in human liver metastases and colon carcinoma cells
I Pettersen, JH Andersen, K Bjornland, Ø Mathisen, R Bremnes, ...
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Proteins and Proteomics 1648 (1-2), 210-218, 2003
Marine AChE inhibitors isolated from Geodia barretti: natural compounds and their synthetic analogs
EK Olsen, E Hansen, LWK Moodie, J Isaksson, K Sepčić, M Cergolj, ...
Organic & biomolecular chemistry 14 (5), 1629-1640, 2016
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