Francesco Fumagalli
Francesco Fumagalli
EU Joint Research Center - Institute for Health and Consumer Protection
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Polymer-based photocathodes with a solution-processable cuprous iodide anode layer and a polyethyleneimine protective coating
HC Rojas, S Bellani, F Fumagalli, G Tullii, S Leonardi, MT Mayer, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 9 (12), 3710-3723, 2016
Hybrid organic–inorganic H 2-evolving photocathodes: understanding the route towards high performance organic photoelectrochemical water splitting
F Fumagalli, S Bellani, M Schreier, S Leonardi, HC Rojas, A Ghadirzadeh, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 4 (6), 2178-2187, 2016
Self-assembled hierarchical nanostructures for high-efficiency porous photonic crystals
L Passoni, L Criante, F Fumagalli, F Scotognella, G Lanzani, F Di Fonzo
ACS nano 8 (12), 12167-12174, 2014
Direct observation of charge order in underdoped and optimally doped Bi 2 (Sr, La) 2 CuO 6 by resonant inelastic x-ray scattering
YY Peng, M Salluzzo, X Sun, A Ponti, D Betto, AM Ferretti, F Fumagalli, ...
Physical Review B 94, 184511, 2016
Few-layer graphene improves silicon performance in Li-ion battery anodes
E Greco, G Nava, R Fathi, F Fumagalli, AE Del Rio-Castillo, A Ansaldo, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5 (36), 19306-19315, 2017
Atmospheric pressure plasma discharge for polysiloxane thin films deposition and comparison with low pressure process
RA Siliprandi, S Zanini, E Grimoldi, FS Fumagalli, R Barni, C Riccardi
Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing 31 (2), 353-372, 2011
Low-pressure water vapour plasma treatment of surfaces for biomolecules decontamination
F Fumagalli, O Kylin, L Amato, J Hanuš, F Rossi
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 45 (13), 135203, 2012
All Solution-Processed, Hybrid Organic–Inorganic Photocathode for Hydrogen Evolution
HC Rojas, S Bellani, EA Sarduy, F Fumagalli, MT Mayer, M Schreier, ...
ACS omega 2 (7), 3424-3431, 2017
A supersonic plasma jet source for controlled and efficient thin film deposition
I Biganzoli, F Fumagalli, F Di Fonzo, R Barni, C Riccardi
Journal of Modern Physics 3 (10), 1626, 2012
Nano-crystalline Ag–PbTe thermoelectric thin films by a multi-target PLD system
E Cappelli, A Bellucci, L Medici, A Mezzi, S Kaciulis, F Fumagalli, ...
Applied Surface Science 336, 283-289, 2015
Room temperature deposition of high figure of merit Al-doped zinc oxide by pulsed-direct current magnetron sputtering: Influence of energetic negative ion bombardment on film's…
F Fumagalli, J Marti-Rujas, F Di Fonzo
Thin Solid Films 569, 44-51, 2014
Stable hybrid organic/inorganic photocathodes for hydrogen evolution with amorphous WO3 hole selective contacts
A Mezzetti, F Fumagalli, A Alfano, D Iadicicco, MR Antognazza, F di Fonzo
Faraday Discussions 198, 433-448, 2017
Towards an Electronic Grade Nanoparticle-Assembled Silicon Thin Film by Ballistic Deposition at Room Temperature: Deposition Method, Structural and Electronic Properties.
DFF Nava G,Fumagalli F, Gambino S ,Farella I, Dell'Erba G, Beretta D ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2017
Large area porous 1D photonic crystals comprising silicon hierarchical nanostructures grown by plasma-assisted, nanoparticle jet deposition
G Nava, F Fumagalli, S Neutzner, F Di Fonzo
Nanotechnology 29 (46), 465603, 2018
A three‐dimensional architecture for hydrogen evolving, host/guest, hybrid organic/inorganic photocathodes based on nano‐lamellar MoO3 scaffolds
A Ghadirzadeh, F Fumagalli, A Mezzetti, S Bellani, L Meda, ...
ChemPhotoChem, 2017
In situ quartz crystal microbalance measurements of thin protein film plasma removal
F Fumagalli, J Hanuš, O Kylin, F Rossi
Plasma Processes and Polymers 9 (2), 188-196, 2012
Multi-layered hierarchical nanostructures for transparent monolithic dye-sensitized solar cell architectures
L Passoni, F Fumagalli, A Perego, S Bellani, P Mazzolini, F Di Fonzo
Nanotechnology 28 (24), 245603, 2017
Stress− strain curves and derived mechanical parameters of P91 steel from spherical nanoindentation at a range of temperatures
A Ruiz-Moreno, P Hhner, F Fumagalli, V Haiblikova, M Conte, N Randall
Materials & Design 194, 108950, 2020
A methodology to investigate heterogeneous oxidation of thermally aged cross‐linked polyethylene by ToF‐SIMS
J Bauls‐Ciscar, F Fumagalli, A Ruiz‐Moreno, F Rossi, SV Suraci, ...
Surface and Interface Analysis 52 (12), 1178-1184, 2020
Aero-Ga2O3 Nanomaterial Electromagnetically Transparent from Microwaves to Terahertz for Internet of Things Applications
T Braniste, M Dragoman, S Zhukov, M Aldrigo, V Ciobanu, S Iordanescu, ...
Nanomaterials 10 (6), 1047, 2020
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