Paola Tirassa
Paola Tirassa
Research, Institute of Biochemistry & Cell Biology (IBBC), CNR
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Emotional stress induced by parachute jumping enhances blood nerve growth factor levels and the distribution of nerve growth factor receptors in lymphocytes
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Social deprivation stress is a triggering factor for the emergence of anxiety-and depression-like behaviours and leads to reduced brain BDNF levels in C57BL/6J mice
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High‐dose anabolic androgenic steroids modulate concentrations of nerve growth factor and expression of its low affinity receptor (p75‐NGFr) in male rat brain
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Apoptotic PC12 cells exposing phosphatidylserine promote the production of anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective molecules by microglial cells
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EGF and NGF injected into the brain of old mice enhance BDNF and ChAT in proliferating subventricular zone
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Early exposure to ethanol or red wine and long-lasting effects in aged mice. A study on nerve growth factor, brain-derived neurotrophic factor, hepatocyte growth factor, and …
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The effect of long-term alcohol intake on brain NGF-targe cells of aged rats
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Paternal alcohol exposure in mice alters brain NGF and BDNF and increases ethanol‐elicited preference in male offspring
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Increased circulating nerve growth factor is directly correlated with disease activity in juvenile chronic arthritis.
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