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Vincenzo De Laurenzi
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The p53/p63/p73 family of transcription factors: overlapping and distinct functions
M Levrero, V De Laurenzi, A Costanzo, J Gong, JY Wang, G Melino
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Essential versus accessory aspects of cell death: recommendations of the NCCD 2015
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Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring cell death in higher eukaryotes
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p73: Friend or foe in tumorigenesis
G Melino, V De Laurenzi, KH Vousden
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Two new p73 splice variants, γ and δ, with different transcriptional activity
V De Laurenzi, A Costanzo, D Barcaroli, A Terrinoni, M Falco, ...
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Molecular mechanisms of cell death: recommendations of the Nomenclature Committee on Cell Death 2018
L Galluzzi, I Vitale, SA Aaronson, JM Abrams, D Adam, P Agostinis, ...
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Role of apoptosis in disease
B Favaloro, N Allocati, V Graziano, C Di Ilio, V De Laurenzi
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Human ΔNp73 regulates a dominant negative feedback loop for TAp73 and p53
TJ Grob, U Novak, C Maisse, D Barcaroli, AU Lthi, F Pirnia, B Hgli, ...
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Gene disruption of tissue transglutaminase
V De Laurenzi, G Melino
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The ubiquitin–protein ligase Itch regulates p73 stability
M Rossi, V De Laurenzi, E Munarriz, DR Green, YC Liu, KH Vousden, ...
The EMBO journal 24 (4), 836-848, 2005
Sjgren–Larsson syndrome is caused by mutations in the fatty aldehyde dehydrogenase gene
V De Laurenzi, GR Rogers, DJ Hamrock, LN Marekov, PM Steinert, ...
Nature genetics 12 (1), 52, 1996
Differential roles of p63 isoforms in epidermal development: selective genetic complementation in p63 null mice
E Candi, A Rufini, A Terrinoni, D Dinsdale, M Ranalli, A Paradisi, ...
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‘Tissue’transglutaminase ablation reduces neuronal death and prolongs survival in a mouse model of Huntington's disease
PG Mastroberardino, C Iannicola, R Nardacci, F Bernassola, ...
Cell death and differentiation 9 (9), 873, 2002
Induction of neuronal differentiation by p73 in a neuroblastoma cell line
V De Laurenzi, G Raschell, D Barcaroli, M Annicchiarico-Petruzzelli, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 275 (20), 15226-15231, 2000
BAG3: a multifaceted protein that regulates major cell pathways
A Rosati, V Graziano, V De Laurenzi, M Pascale, MC Turco
Cell death & disease 2 (4), e141, 2011
Additional complexity in p73: induction by mitogens in lymphoid cells and identification of two new splicing variants ε and ζ
V De Laurenzi, MV Catani, A Costanzo, A Terrinoni, M Corazzari, ...
Cell death and differentiation 6 (5), 389, 1999
p63 and p73 transactivate differentiation gene promoters in human keratinocytes
V De Laurenzi, A Rossi, A Terrinoni, D Barcaroli, M Levrero, A Costanzo, ...
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 273 (1), 342-346, 2000
Structure, function and regulation of p63 and p73
M Levrero, V De Laurenzi, A Costanzo, J Gong, G Melino, JYJ Wang
Cell death and differentiation 6 (12), 1146, 1999
Breast cancer stem cells rely on fermentative glycolysis and are sensitive to 2-deoxyglucose treatment
D Ciavardelli, C Rossi, D Barcaroli, S Volpe, A Consalvo, M Zucchelli, ...
Cell death & disease 5 (7), e1336, 2014
Keratin 13 point mutation underlies the hereditary mucosal epithelia disorder white sponge nevus
G Richard, V De Laurenzi, B Didona, SJ Bale, JG Compton
Nature genetics 11 (4), 453, 1995
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