Kamal Awad
Kamal Awad
Bone-Muscle Research Center & Materials Science & Engineering, University of Texas at Arlington.
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Novel 3D-printed methacrylated chitosan-laponite nanosilicate composite scaffolds enhance cell growth and biomineral formation in MC3T3 pre-osteoblasts
T Cebe, N Ahuja, F Monte, K Awad, K Vyavhare, P Aswath, J Huang, ...
Journal of Materials Research 35 (1), 58-75, 2020
Ionic silicon protects oxidative damage and promotes skeletal muscle cell regeneration
K Awad, N Ahuja, M Fiedler, S Peper, Z Wang, P Aswath, M Brotto, ...
International journal of molecular sciences 22 (2), 497, 2021
Silicon Nitride Enhances Osteoprogenitor Cell Growth and Differentiation via Increased Surface Energy and Formation of Amide and Nano‐crystalline HA for Craniofacial Reconstruction
KR Awad, N Ahuja, A Shah, H Tran, PB Aswath, M Brotto, V Varanasi
Medical Devices & Sensors, e10032, 2019
Effect of Mn2+ doping and SiO2 coating on magneto-optical properties of CoFe2O4 nano-particles
KR Awad, MMS Wahsh, AGM Othman, E Girgis, MR Mabrouk, FA Morsy
Smart Materials and Structures 24 (11), 115002, 2015
Silicon Oxynitrophosphide Nanoscale Coating Enhances Antioxidant Marker‐Induced Angiogenesis During in vivo Cranial Bone‐Defect Healing
FA do Monte, N Ahuja, KR Awad, Z Pan, S Young, HKW Kim, P Aswath, ...
JBMR plus 5 (4), e10425, 2021
Amorphous silicon oxynitrophosphide-coated implants boost angiogenic activity of endothelial cells
FA Monte, KR Awad, N Ahuja, HKW Kim, P Aswath, M Brotto, VG Varanasi
Tissue Engineering Part A 26 (1-2), 15-27, 2020
Preliminary study of in‐situ 3D bioprinted nano‐silicate biopolymer scaffolds for muscle repair in VML defects
N Ahuja, K Awad, M Fiedler, P Aswath, M Brotto, V Varanasi
The FASEB Journal 34 (S1), 1-1, 2020
Mini review: Biomaterials in repair and regeneration of nerve in a volumetric muscle loss
N Ahuja, K Awad, S Peper, M Brotto, V Varanasi
Neuroscience letters 762, 136145, 2021
Micro‐patterned Bioactive Amorphous Silicon Oxynitride Enhances Adhesion, Growth, and Myotubes and Axon Alignment in Muscle and Nerve Cells
KR AWAD, N Ahuja, M Fiedler, J Huang, L Brotto, P Aswath, M Brotto, ...
The FASEB Journal 34 (S1), 1-1, 2020
Mn0. 2Co0. 8Fe2O4 and encapsulated Mn0. 2Co0. 8Fe2O4/SiO2 magnetic nanoparticles for efficient Pb2+ removal from aqueous solution
KR Awad, MMS Wahsh, ST El-Wakeel, KI Ochiabuto, AGM Othman, ...
Water Science and Technology 80 (2), 377-386, 2019
Interfacial adhesion and surface bioactivity of anodized titanium modified with SiON and SiONP surface coatings
K Awad, S Young, P Aswath, V Varanasi
Surfaces and interfaces 28, 101645, 2022
Wettability and in-vitro study of titanium surface profiling prepared by electrolytic plasma processing
W Boonrawd, KR Awad, V Varanasi, EI Meletis
Surface and Coatings Technology 414, 127119, 2021
The influence of plastic deformation mechanisms on the adhesion behavior and collagen formation in osteoblast cells
B Uzer, F Monte, KR Awad, PB Aswath, VG Varanasi, D Canadin
TMS 2018 147th Annual Meeting & Exhibition Supplemental Proceedings, 295-301, 2018
Bioprinted nanocomposite hydrogels: A proposed approach to functional restoration of skeletal muscle and vascular tissue following volumetric muscle loss
S Peper, T Vo, N Ahuja, K Awad, AG Mikos, V Varanasi
Current opinion in pharmacology 58, 35-43, 2021
A Comparative Study on Silicon Nitride, Titanium, and Poly‐Ether Ether Ketone on Mouse Pre‐Osteoblasts Cells
N Ahuja, KR Awad, M Brotto, PB Aswath, V Varanasi
Medical Devices & Sensors, e10139, 2021
Patterned Silicon Oxynitride (SiONx) Scaffolds Enhance Alignment and Myogenic Differentiation of C2C12 Muscle Cells
KR Awad, J Huang, L Brotto, P Aswath, M Brotto, V Varanasi
The FASEB Journal 33 (S1), 539.5-539.5, 2019
Synthesis and magneto-optical properties of cobalt ferrite/silica nanoparticles doped with Cd 2+ ions
MMS Wahsh, AGM Othman, KR Awad, E Girgis, MR Mabrouk, FA Morsy
Main Group Chemistry 18 (4), 397-410, 2019
PGE2 and WNT3a Promote Skeletal Muscle Regeneration after Barium Chloride Damage In‐vitro
K Awad, L Moore, J Huang, C Mo, Z Wang, L Brotto, M Brotto
The FASEB Journal 36, 2022
Surface characteristics and in-vitro studies of TiO2 coatings by plasma electrolytic oxidation in potassium-phosphate electrolyte
W Boonrawd, K Awad, V Varanasi, EI Meletis
Ceramics International 48 (5), 7071-7081, 2022
Rheologic Properties of a Novel Gelatin Methacrylate Bioink for 3D Printing Musculoskeletal Grafts
S Peper, N Ahuja, T Vo, K Awad, V Varanasi
International Journal of Exercise Science: Conference Proceedings 2 (12), 127, 2020
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