Alessio Belenchia
Alessio Belenchia
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Quantum superposition of massive objects and the quantization of gravity
A Belenchia, RM Wald, F Giacomini, E Castro-Ruiz, Č Brukner, ...
Physical Review D 98 (12), 126009, 2018
Quantum clocks and the temporal localisability of events in the presence of gravitating quantum systems
E Castro-Ruiz, F Giacomini, A Belenchia, Č Brukner
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A Belenchia, DMT Benincasa, S Liberati, F Marin, F Marino, A Ortolan
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A Belenchia, DMT Benincasa, S Liberati
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LJ Henderson, A Belenchia, E Castro-Ruiz, C Budroni, M Zych, Č Brukner, ...
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Information content of the gravitational field of a quantum superposition
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A Belenchia, DMT Benincasa, A Marciano, L Modesto
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Higher-order theories of gravity: diagnosis, extraction and reformulation via non-metric extra degrees of freedom—a review
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ˇC. Brukner, and M. Aspelmeyer
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A Belenchia, A Gambassi, S Liberati
Journal of High Energy Physics 2016 (6), 1-33, 2016
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