Xin Yin (殷鑫)
Xin Yin (殷鑫)
Lam Research; PhD, Materials Science and Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison
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Ferroelectric Polarization-Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting in TiO2–BaTiO3 Core–Shell Nanowire Photoanodes
W Yang, Y Yu, MB Starr, X Yin, Z Li, A Kvit, S Wang, P Zhao, X Wang
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Evolution of hollow TiO2 nanostructures via the Kirkendall effect driven by cation exchange with enhanced photoelectrochemical performance
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Novel red-emitting perovskite-type phosphor CaLa 1− xMgM′ O 6: xEu 3+(M′= Nb, Ta) for white LED application
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Surface-Plasmon-Resonance-Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting from Au-Nanoparticle-Decorated 3D TiO2 Nanorod Architectures
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Ultrathin Piezotronic Transistors with 2 nm Channel Lengths
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Journal of Solid State Chemistry 192, 182-185, 2012
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