Jakob B. Wagner
Jakob B. Wagner
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Atom-resolved imaging of dynamic shape changes in supported copper nanocrystals
PL Hansen, JB Wagner, S Helveg, JR Rostrup-Nielsen, BS Clausen, ...
Science 295 (5562), 2053-2055, 2002
Atomic-resolution in situ transmission electron microscopy of a promoter of a heterogeneous catalyst
TW Hansen, JB Wagner, PL Hansen, S Dahl, H Topsøe, CJH Jacobsen
Science 294 (5546), 1508-1510, 2001
Optical properties of rotationally twinned InP nanowire heterostructures
J Bao, DC Bell, F Capasso, JB Wagner, T Mårtensson, J Trägårdh, ...
Nano letters 8 (3), 836-841, 2008
Giant, level-dependent g factors in InSb nanowire quantum dots
HA Nilsson, P Caroff, C Thelander, M Larsson, JB Wagner, ...
Nano letters 9 (9), 3151-3156, 2009
Strain mapping in free-standing heterostructured wurtzite InAs/InP nanowires
MW Larsson, JB Wagner, M Wallin, P Håkansson, LE Fröberg, ...
Nanotechnology 18 (1), 015504, 2006
High‐quality InAs/InSb nanowire heterostructures grown by metal–organic vapor‐phase epitaxy
P Caroff, JB Wagner, KA Dick, HA Nilsson, M Jeppsson, K Deppert, ...
Small 4 (7), 878-882, 2008
Chiral-selective growth of single-walled carbon nanotubes on lattice-mismatched epitaxial cobalt nanoparticles
M He, H Jiang, B Liu, PV Fedotov, AI Chernov, ED Obraztsova, F Cavalca, ...
Scientific reports 3, 1460, 2013
Aberration corrected and monochromated environmental transmission electron microscopy: challenges and prospects for materials science
TW Hansen, JB Wagner, RE Dunin-Borkowski
Materials Science and Technology 26 (11), 1338-1344, 2010
In situ observations during chemical vapor deposition of hexagonal boron nitride on polycrystalline copper
PR Kidambi, R Blume, J Kling, JB Wagner, C Baehtz, RS Weatherup, ...
Chemistry of Materials 26 (22), 6380-6392, 2014
Imaging catalysts at work: a hierarchical approach from the macro‐to the meso‐and nano‐scale
JD Grunwaldt, JB Wagner, RE Dunin‐Borkowski
ChemCatChem 5 (1), 62-80, 2013
Epitaxial growth of indium arsenide nanowires on silicon using nucleation templates formed by self‐assembled organic coatings
T Mårtensson, JB Wagner, E Hilner, A Mikkelsen, C Thelander, J Stangl, ...
Advanced Materials 19 (14), 1801-1806, 2007
GaAs/GaSb nanowire heterostructures grown by MOVPE
M Jeppsson, KA Dick, JB Wagner, P Caroff, K Deppert, L Samuelson, ...
Journal of Crystal Growth 310 (18), 4115-4121, 2008
Phase segregation in AlInP shells on GaAs nanowires
N Sköld, JB Wagner, G Karlsson, T Hernán, W Seifert, ME Pistol, ...
Nano letters 6 (12), 2743-2747, 2006
In situ redox cycle of a nickel–YSZ fuel cell anode in an environmental transmission electron microscope
Q Jeangros, A Faes, JB Wagner, TW Hansen, U Aschauer, ...
Acta Materialia 58 (14), 4578-4589, 2010
Junctions in axial III− V heterostructure nanowires obtained via an interchange of group III elements
P Krogstrup, J Yamasaki, CB Sørensen, E Johnson, JB Wagner, ...
Nano letters 9 (11), 3689-3693, 2009
In situ electron energy loss spectroscopy studies of gas-dependent metal− support interactions in Cu/ZnO catalysts
JB Wagner, PL Hansen, AM Molenbroek, H Topsøe, BS Clausen, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 107 (31), 7753-7758, 2003
High-performance single nanowire tunnel diodes
J Wallentin, JM Persson, JB Wagner, L Samuelson, K Deppert, ...
Nano letters 10 (3), 974-979, 2010
Measurements of the band gap of wurtzite nanowires using photocurrent spectroscopy
J Trägårdh, AI Persson, JB Wagner, D Hessman, L Samuelson
Journal of applied physics 101 (12), 123701, 2007
Beaded silicon carbide nanochains via carbothermal reduction of carbonaceous silica xerogel
YJ Hao, JB Wagner, DS Su, GQ Jin, XY Guo
Nanotechnology 17 (12), 2870, 2006
InAs1-xPx Nanowires for Device Engineering
AI Persson, MT Björk, S Jeppesen, JB Wagner, LR Wallenberg, ...
Nano letters 6 (3), 403-407, 2006
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