Valeriano Parravicini
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Functional over-redundancy and high functional vulnerability in global fish faunas on tropical reefs
D Mouillot, S Villéger, V Parravicini, M Kulbicki, JE Arias-González, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (38), 13757-13762, 2014
Global biogeography of reef fishes: a hierarchical quantitative delineation of regions
M Kulbicki, V Parravicini, DR Bellwood, E Arias-Gonzŕlez, P Chabanet, ...
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Mediterranean Sea biodiversity between the legacy from the past and a future of change
CN Bianchi, C Morri, M Chiantore, M Montefalcone, V Parravicini, ...
Life in the Mediterranean Sea: a look at habitat changes. Nova Science …, 2012
Quaternary coral reef refugia preserved fish diversity
L Pellissier, F Leprieur, V Parravicini, PF Cowman, M Kulbicki, G Litsios, ...
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Global patterns and predictors of tropical reef fish species richness
V Parravicini, M Kulbicki, DR Bellwood, AM Friedlander, ...
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Human influence on seagrass habitat fragmentation in NW Mediterranean Sea
M Montefalcone, V Parravicini, M Vacchi, G Albertelli, M Ferrari, C Morri, ...
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Understanding relationships between conflicting human uses and coastal ecosystems status: a geospatial modeling approach
V Parravicini, A Rovere, P Vassallo, F Micheli, M Montefalcone, C Morri, ...
Ecological Indicators 19, 253-263, 2012
Legal protection is not enough: Posidonia oceanica meadows in marine protected areas are not healthier than those in unprotected areas of the northwest Mediterranean Sea
M Montefalcone, G Albertelli, C Morri, V Parravicini, CN Bianchi
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Mapping coral reefs using consumer-grade drones and structure from motion photogrammetry techniques
E Casella, A Collin, D Harris, S Ferse, S Bejarano, V Parravicini, ...
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Ecological change, sliding baselines and the importance of historical data: lessons from combing observational and quantitative data on a temperate reef over 70 years
G Gatti, CN Bianchi, V Parravicini, A Rovere, A Peirano, M Montefalcone, ...
PloS one 10 (2), e0118581, 2015
Ecological Change, Sliding Baselines and the Importance of Historical Data: Lessons from Combing Observational and Quantitative Data on a Temperate Reef Over 70 Years
G Gatti, CN Bianchi, V Parravicini, A Rovere, A Peirano
PLoS ONE 10 (2), e0118581, 2015
Plate tectonics drive tropical reef biodiversity dynamics
F Leprieur, P Descombes, T Gaboriau, PF Cowman, V Parravicini, ...
Nature Communications 7, 2016
Size matters more than method: visual quadrats vs photography in measuring human impact on Mediterranean rocky reef communities
V Parravicini, C Morri, G Ciribilli, M Montefalcone, G Albertelli, CN Bianchi
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 81 (3), 359-367, 2009
Global mismatch between species richness and vulnerability of reef fish assemblages
V Parravicini, S Villéger, TR McClanahan, JE Arias‐González, ...
Ecology letters 17 (9), 1101-1110, 2014
Seafloor integrity down the harbor waterfront: the coralligenous shoals off Vado Ligure (NW Mediterranean)
G Gatti, M Montefalcone, A Rovere, V Parravicini, C Morri, G Albertelli, ...
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Evaluating change in seagrass meadows: A time-framed comparison of Side Scan Sonar maps
M Montefalcone, A Rovere, V Parravicini, G Albertelli, C Morri, CN Bianchi
Aquatic Botany 104, 204-212, 2013
Niche shift can impair the ability to predict invasion risk in the marine realm: an illustration using Mediterranean fish invaders
V Parravicini, E Azzurro, M Kulbicki, J Belmaker
Ecology letters 18 (3), 246-253, 2015
Extreme inverted trophic pyramid of reef sharks supported by spawning groupers
J Mourier, J Maynard, V Parravicini, L Ballesta, E Clua, ML Domeier, ...
Current Biology 26 (15), 2011-2016, 2016
Ecological traits and environmental affinity explain Red Sea fish introduction into the Mediterranean
J Belmaker, V Parravicini, M Kulbicki
Global Change Biology, 2013
Consequences of sea water temperature anomalies on a Mediterranean submarine cave ecosystem
V Parravicini, P Guidetti, C Morri, M Montefalcone, M Donato, CN Bianchi
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 86 (2), 276-282, 2010
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