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Electronic structure of the parent compound of superconducting infinite-layer nickelates
M Hepting, D Li, CJ Jia, H Lu, E Paris, Y Tseng, X Feng, M Osada, E Been, ...
Nature materials 19 (4), 381-385, 2020
Role of the Ce valence in the coexistence of superconductivity and ferromagnetism of CeO 1− x F x BiS 2 revealed by Ce L 3-edge x-ray absorption spectroscopy
T Sugimoto, B Joseph, E Paris, A Iadecola, T Mizokawa, S Demura, ...
Physical Review B 89 (20), 201117, 2014
Determination of local atomic displacements in CeO1− xFxBiS2 system
E Paris, B Joseph, A Iadecola, T Sugimoto, L Olivi, S Demura, ...
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 26 (43), 435701, 2014
The effect of RE substitution in layered REO 0.5 F 0.5 BiS 2: chemical pressure, local disorder and superconductivity
Y Mizuguchi, E Paris, T Sugimoto, A Iadecola, J Kajitani, O Miura, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (34), 22090-22096, 2015
Temperature Dependent Local Structure of NaxCoO2 Cathode Material for Rechargeable Sodium-Ion Batteries
W Olszewski, M Ávila Pérez, C Marini, E Paris, X Wang, T Iwao, M Okubo, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (8), 4227-4232, 2016
Role of the local structure in superconductivity of LaO0. 5F0. 5BiS2− x Se x system
E Paris, Y Mizuguchi, MY Hacisalihoglu, T Hiroi, B Joseph, G Aquilanti, ...
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 29 (14), 145603, 2017
Electronic structure of revealed by photoelectron spectromicroscopy
NL Saini, D Ootsuki, E Paris, B Joseph, A Barinov, M Tanaka, Y Takano, ...
Physical Review B 90 (21), 214517, 2014
Strain-engineering mott-insulating La 2 CuO 4
O Ivashko, M Horio, W Wan, NB Christensen, DE McNally, E Paris, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 1-8, 2019
Evolution of Eu valence and superconductivity in layered system
Y Mizuguchi, E Paris, T Wakita, G Jinno, A Puri, K Terashima, B Joseph, ...
Physical Review B 95 (6), 064515, 2017
Electronic structure of self-doped layered material revealed by x-ray absorption spectroscopy and photoelectron spectromicroscopy
E Paris, T Sugimoto, T Wakita, A Barinov, K Terashima, V Kandyba, ...
Physical Review B 95 (3), 035152, 2017
Localized and mixed valence state of Ce in superconducting and ferromagnetic revealed by x-ray absorption and photoemission spectroscopy
T Sugimoto, D Ootsuki, E Paris, A Iadecola, M Salome, EF Schwier, ...
Physical Review B 94 (8), 081106, 2016
Raman phonon spectrum of the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya helimagnet Ba 2 CuGe 2 O 7
F Capitani, S Koval, R Fittipaldi, S Caramazza, E Paris, WS Mohamed, ...
Physical Review B 91 (21), 214308, 2015
Decoupling carrier concentration and electron-phonon coupling in oxide heterostructures observed with resonant inelastic x-ray scattering
D Meyers, K Nakatsukasa, S Mu, L Hao, J Yang, Y Cao, G Fabbris, ...
Physical review letters 121 (23), 236802, 2018
Resolving the nature of electronic excitations in resonant inelastic x-ray scattering
M Kang, J Pelliciari, Y Krockenberger, J Li, DE McNally, E Paris, R Liang, ...
Physical Review B 99 (4), 045105, 2019
Suppression of structural instability in LaOBiS2− x Se x by Se substitution
E Paris, Y Mizuguchi, T Wakita, K Terashima, T Yokoya, T Mizokawa, ...
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 30 (45), 455703, 2018
The electronic structure of Ag 1− x Sn 1+ x Se 2 (x= 0.0, 0.1, 0.2, 0.25 and 1.0)
T Wakita, E Paris, K Kobayashi, K Terashima, MY Hacisalihoǧlu, T Ueno, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (39), 26672-26678, 2017
Orbital-selective confinement effect of Ru orbitals in ultrathin film
S Kang, Y Tseng, BH Kim, S Yun, B Sohn, B Kim, D McNally, E Paris, ...
Physical Review B 99 (4), 045113, 2019
Temperature dependent local atomic displacements in ammonia intercalated iron selenide superconductor
E Paris, L Simonelli, T Wakita, C Marini, JH Lee, W Olszewski, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-8, 2016
Pressure dependence of the local structure of iridium ditelluride across the structural phase transition
E Paris, B Joseph, A Iadecola, C Marini, H Ishii, K Kudo, S Pascarelli, ...
Physical Review B 93 (13), 134109, 2016
High-resolution resonant inelastic x-ray scattering study of the electron-phonon coupling in honeycomb
JG Vale, CD Dashwood, E Paris, LSI Veiga, M Garcia-Fernandez, A Nag, ...
Physical Review B 100 (22), 224303, 2019
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