Gvido Bratina
Gvido Bratina
University of Nova Gorica
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Optically switchable transistor via energy-level phototuning in a bicomponent organic semiconductor
E Orgiu, N Crivillers, M Herder, L Grubert, M Pätzel, J Frisch, E Pavlica, ...
Nature chemistry 4 (8), 675, 2012
Local interface composition and band discontinuities in heterovalent heterostructures
R Nicolini, L Vanzetti, G Mula, G Bratina, L Sorba, A Franciosi, M Peressi, ...
Physical review letters 72 (2), 294, 1994
Tuning AlAs-GaAs band discontinuities and the role of Si-induced local interface dipoles
L Sorba, G Bratina, G Ceccone, A Antonini, JF Walker, M Micovic, ...
Physical Review B 43 (3), 2450, 1991
Flexible non-volatile optical memory thin-film transistor device with over 256 distinct levels based on an organic bicomponent blend
T Leydecker, M Herder, E Pavlica, G Bratina, S Hecht, E Orgiu, P Samorì
Nature nanotechnology 11 (9), 769, 2016
Structure and local dipole of Si interface layers in AlAs-GaAs heterostructures
L Sorba, G Bratina, A Antonini, A Franciosi, L Tapfer, A Migliori, P Merli
Physical Review B 46 (11), 6834, 1992
Microscopic capacitors and neutral interfaces in III-V/IV/III-V semiconductor heterostructures
G Biasiol, L Sorba, G Bratina, R Nicolini, A Franciosi, M Peressi, S Baroni, ...
Physical review letters 69 (8), 1283, 1992
Behavior of the (0 0 0 1) surface of sapphire upon high-temperature annealing
PR Ribič, G Bratina
Surface science 601 (1), 44-49, 2007
AlAs-GaAs heterojunction engineering by means of Group-IV elemental interface layers
G Bratina, L Sorba, A Antonini, G Biasiol, A Franciosi
Physical Review B 45 (8), 4528, 1992
Growth of ultrathin pentacene films on polymeric substrates
PR Ribič, V Kalihari, CD Frisbie, G Bratina
Physical Review B 80 (11), 115307, 2009
Highly active photocatalytic coatings prepared by a low-temperature method
M Kete, E Pavlica, F Fresno, G Bratina, UL Štangar
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 21 (19), 11238-11249, 2014
A nanomesh scaffold for supramolecular nanowire optoelectronic devices
L Zhang, X Zhong, E Pavlica, S Li, A Klekachev, G Bratina, TW Ebbesen, ...
Nature nanotechnology 11 (10), 900, 2016
Epitaxial growth and interface parameters of Si layers on GaAs (001) and AlAs (001) substrates
G Bratina, L Sorba, A Antonini, L Vanzetti, A Franciosi
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer …, 1991
Photo-induced intramolecular charge transfer in an ambipolar field-effect transistor based on a π-conjugated donor–acceptor dyad
R Pfattner, E Pavlica, M Jaggi, SX Liu, S Decurtins, G Bratina, J Veciana, ...
Journal of materials chemistry C 1 (25), 3985-3988, 2013
Influence of transfer residue on the optical properties of chemical vapor deposited graphene investigated through spectroscopic ellipsometry
A Matković, U Ralević, M Chhikara, MM Jakovljević, D Jovanović, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 114 (9), 093505, 2013
ZnSe-GaAs heterojunction parameters
G Bratina, R Nicolini, L Sorba, L Vanzetti, G Mula, X Yu, A Franciosi
Journal of crystal growth 127 (1-4), 387-391, 1993
Lack of band-offset transitivity for semiconductor heterojunctions with polar orientation: ZnSe-Ge (001), Ge-GaAs (001), and ZnSe-GaAs (001)
G Bratina, L Vanzetti, L Sorba, G Biasiol, A Franciosi, M Peressi, S Baroni
Physical Review B 50 (16), 11723, 1994
Microscopic control of ZnSe-GaAs heterojunction band offsets
G Bratina, L Vanzetti, R Nicolini, L Sorba, X Yu, A Franciosi, G Mula, ...
Physica B: Condensed Matter 185 (1-4), 557-565, 1993
Electron-withdrawing substituted tetrathiafulvalenes as ambipolar semiconductors
F Otón, R Pfattner, E Pavlica, Y Olivier, E Moreno, J Puigdollers, G Bratina, ...
Chemistry of Materials 23 (3), 851-861, 2010
Arsenic cap layer desorption and the formation of GaAs(001)c(4×4) surfaces
I Karpov, N Venkateswaran, G Bratina, W Gladfelter, A Franciosi, L Sorba
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer …, 1995
Modification of Al/GaAs (001) Schottky barriers by means of heterovalent interface layers
M Cantile, L Sorba, P Faraci, S Yildirim, G Biasiol, G Bratina, A Franciosi, ...
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer …, 1994
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