Balázs Farkas
Balázs Farkas
ELI-ALPS Research Institute
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The ELI-ALPS facility: the next generation of attosecond sources
S Kühn, M Dumergue, S Kahaly, S Mondal, M Füle, T Csizmadia, ...
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Saddle point approaches in strong field physics and generation of attosecond pulses
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On determining the spot size for laser fluence measurements
B Farkas, Z Geretovszky
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Multipulse irradiation of silicon by femtosecond laser pulses: Variation of surface morphology
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H Coudert-Alteirac, H Dacasa, F Campi, E Kueny, B Farkas, F Brunner, ...
Applied Sciences 7 (11), 1159, 2017
Optical, compositional and structural properties of pulsed laser deposited nitrogen-doped Titanium-dioxide
B Farkas, P Heszler, J Budai, A Oszkó, M Ottosson, Z Geretovszky
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Investigation of surface roughness on etched glass surfaces
Z Papa, J Budai, B Farkas, Z Toth
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On determining the optical properties and layer structure from spectroscopic ellipsometric data using automated artifact minimization method
J Budai, B Farkas, ZL Horváth, Z Geretovszky
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Microstructuring of Transparent Dielectric Films by TWIN-LIBWE Method for OWLS Applications
B Kiss, F Ujhelyi, Á Sipos, B Farkas, P Dombi, K Osvay, C Vass
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The High-intensity HHG beamline at the Lund Laser Centre: towards XUV-pump XUV-probe experiments
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Towards XUV-pump XUV-probe experiments with attosecond pulses at the Lund Laser Centre
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Journal of Physics: Conference Series 635, 112079, 2015
The ELI ALPS research infrastructure: Scaling Attosecond Pulse Generation for a large scale infrastructure
B Major, B Farkas, M Dumergue, K Kovacs, S Kuhn, A L'Huillier, ...
High Intensity Lasers and High Field Phenomena, HW4A. 1, 2018
Two-Photon Double Ionization of Neon Studied with Intense Attosecond Pulse Trains
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Two-photon double ionization of noble gases: First application of the intense HHG beamline at Lund Laser Center
B Manschwetus, L Rading, F Campi, H Coudert-Alteirac, S Maclot, ...
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