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Quality analysis applied on eddy covariance measurements at complex forest sites using footprint modelling
C Rebmann, M G÷ckede, T Foken, M Aubinet, M Aurela, P Berbigier, ...
Theoretical and Applied Climatology 80 (2-4), 121-141, 2005
Fluxes of nitrates between snow surfaces and the atmosphere in the European high Arctic
HJ Beine, F Domine, A Ianniello, M Nardino, I Allegrini, K Teinilń, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 3 (2), 335-346, 2003
Surprisingly small HONO emissions from snow surfaces at Browning Pass, Antarctica
HJ Beine, A Amoroso, F DominÚ, MD King, M Nardino, A Ianniello, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 6 (9), 2569-2580, 2006
Microorganisms in dry polar snow are involved in the exchanges of reactive nitrogen species with the atmosphere
A Amoroso, F Domine, G Esposito, S Morin, J Savarino, M Nardino, ...
Environmental science & technology 44 (2), 714-719, 2009
Observation of coinciding arctic boundary layer ozone depletion and snow surface emissions of nitrous acid
A Amoroso, HJ Beine, R Sparapani, M Nardino, I Allegrini
Atmospheric Environment 40 (11), 1949-1956, 2006
Annual and monthly carbon balance in an intensively managed Mediterranean olive orchard
M Nardino, F Pernice, F Rossi, T Georgiadis, O Facini, A Motisi, A Drago
Photosynthetica 51 (1), 63-74, 2013
Cloud cover classification through simultaneous ground-based measurements of solar and infrared radiation
A Orsini, C Tomasi, F Calzolari, M Nardino, A Cacciari, T Georgiadis
Atmospheric Research 61 (4), 251-275, 2002
Deposition of atmospheric nitrous acid on alkaline snow surfaces
HJ Beine, A Amoroso, G Esposito, R Sparapani, A Ianniello, T Georgiadis, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 32 (10), 2005
Characteristics of the boundary layerat Ny-┼lesund in the Arctic during the ARTIST field experiment
S Argentini, AP Viola, G Mastrantonio, A Maurizi, T Georgiadis, M Nardino
Annals of Geophysics 46 (2), 2003
Parameterization of the downward longwave radiation from clear and cloudy skies at Ny ┼lesund (Svalbard)
R Pirazzini, M Nardino, A Orsini, F Calzolari, T Georgiadis, V Levizzani
Conference Presentation to the International Radiation Symposium (IRS), 24-29, 2000
Concentration measurement in a road tunnel as a method to assess “real-world” vehicles exhaust emissions
G Zanini, M Berico, F Monforti, L Vitali, S Zambonelli, S Chiavarini, ...
Atmospheric Environment 40 (7), 1242-1254, 2006
Indoor measurements of microclimate variables and ozone in the church of San Vincenzo (Monastery of Bassano Romano—Italy): A pilot study
E Vuerich, F Malaspina, M Barazutti, T Georgiadis, M Nardino
Microchemical Journal 88 (2), 218-223, 2008
Quale ruolo per l’arboricoltura da legno italiana nel protocollo di Kyoto? Indicazioni da una" Kyoto forest" della pianura emiliana
F Magnani, G Grassi, G Tonon, L Cantoni, F Ponti, E Vicinelli, ...
Forest@-Journal of Silviculture and Forest Ecology 2 (4), 333, 2005
Meteorological and micrometeorological applications to frost monitoring in northern Italy orchards
F Rossi, O Facini, S Loreti, M Nardino, T Georgiadis, F Zinoni
Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Parts A/B/C 27 (23-24), 1077-1089, 2002
Cloud type and cloud cover effects on the surface radiative balance at several polar sites
M Nardino, T Georgiadis
Theoretical and Applied Climatology 74 (3-4), 203-215, 2003
Parameterisation of surface radiation flux at an Antarctic site
A Orsini, F Calzolari, T Georgiadis, V Levizzani, M Nardino, R Pirazzini, ...
Atmospheric research 54 (4), 245-261, 2000
Radiative energy partition and cloud radiative forcing at a Po valley site
C Galli, M Nardino, V Levizzani, R Rizzi, T Georgiadis
Atmospheric research 72 (1-4), 329-351, 2004
IRRINET Emilia Romagna: online decision support on irrigation
F Rossi, M Nardino, P Mannini, R Genovesi
Online agrometeological applications with decision support on the farm levelá…, 2004
Boundary layer convective-like activity at Dome Concordia, Antarctica
T Georgiadis, S Argentini, G Mastrantonio, AVR Sozzi, M Nardino
Nuovo Cimento C Geophysics Space Physics C 25, 425, 2002
Seasonal CO2 fluxes and energy balance in a kiwifruit orchard
F Rossi, O Facini, T Georgiadis, M Nardino
Italian J. Agrometeorol 1, 44-56, 2007
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