Giacomo Handjaras
Giacomo Handjaras
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Reorganization of functional and effective connectivity during real-time fMRI-BCI modulation of prosody processing
G Rota, G Handjaras, R Sitaram, N Birbaumer, G Dogil
Brain and language 117 (3), 123-132, 2011
A synergy-based hand control is encoded in human motor cortical areas
A Leo, G Handjaras, M Bianchi, H Marino, M Gabiccini, A Guidi, ...
Elife 5, e13420, 2016
How concepts are encoded in the human brain: a modality independent, category-based cortical organization of semantic knowledge
G Handjaras, E Ricciardi, A Leo, A Lenci, L Cecchetti, M Cosottini, ...
Neuroimage 135, 232-242, 2016
Cholinergic enhancement reduces functional connectivity and BOLD variability in visual extrastriate cortex during selective attention
E Ricciardi, G Handjaras, G Bernardi, P Pietrini, ML Furey
Neuropharmacology 64, 305-313, 2013
Increased BOLD variability in the parietal cortex and enhanced parieto-occipital connectivity during tactile perception in congenitally blind individuals
A Leo, G Bernardi, G Handjaras, D Bonino, E Ricciardi, P Pietrini
Neural plasticity 2012, 2012
Congenital blindness affects diencephalic but not mesencephalic structures in the human brain
L Cecchetti, E Ricciardi, G Handjaras, R Kupers, M Ptito, P Pietrini
Brain Structure and Function 221 (3), 1465-1480, 2016
It's not all in your car: functional and structural correlates of exceptional driving skills in professional racers
G Bernardi, L Cecchetti, G Handjaras, L Sani, A Gaglianese, R Ceccarelli, ...
Frontiers in human neuroscience 8, 888, 2014
The blind brain: How (lack of) vision shapes the morphological and functional architecture of the human brain
E Ricciardi, G Handjaras, P Pietrini
Experimental Biology and Medicine 239 (11), 1414-1420, 2014
Sleep reverts changes in human gray and white matter caused by wake-dependent training
G Bernardi, L Cecchetti, F Siclari, A Buchmann, X Yu, G Handjaras, ...
Neuroimage 129, 367-377, 2016
Singular spectrum analysis and adaptive filtering enhance the functional connectivity analysis of resting state fMRI data
P Piaggi, D Menicucci, C Gentili, G Handjaras, A Gemignani, A Landi
International journal of neural systems 24 (03), 1450010, 2014
Local and widespread slow waves in stable NREM sleep: evidence for distinct regulation mechanisms
G Bernardi, F Siclari, G Handjaras, BA Riedner, G Tononi
Frontiers in human neuroscience 12, 248, 2018
Beyond motor scheme: a supramodal distributed representation in the action-observation network
E Ricciardi, G Handjaras, D Bonino, T Vecchi, L Fadiga, P Pietrini
PloS one 8 (3), e58632, 2013
A topographical organization for action representation in the human brain
G Handjaras, G Bernardi, F Benuzzi, PF Nichelli, P Pietrini, E Ricciardi
Human brain mapping 36 (10), 3832-3844, 2015
Modality-independent encoding of individual concepts in the left parietal cortex
G Handjaras, A Leo, L Cecchetti, P Papale, A Lenci, G Marotta, P Pietrini, ...
Neuropsychologia 105, 39-49, 2017
The effects of visual control and distance in modulating peripersonal spatial representation
C Renzi, E Ricciardi, D Bonino, G Handjaras, T Vecchi, P Pietrini
PloS one 8 (3), e59460, 2013
Cholinergic enhancement differentially modulates neural response to encoding during face identity and face location working memory tasks
G Handjaras, E Ricciardi, J Szczepanik, P Pietrini, ML Furey
Experimental Biology and Medicine 238 (9), 999-1008, 2013
Adaptive filtering and random variables coefficient for analyzing functional magnetic resonance imaging data
P Piaggi, D Menicucci, C Gentili, G Handjaras, A Gemignani, A Landi
International journal of neural systems 23 (03), 1350011, 2013
Adaptive filtering for removing nonstationary physiological noise from resting state fMRI BOLD signals
P Piaggi, D Menicucci, C Gentili, G Handjaras, M Laurino, A Piarulli, ...
2011 11th International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design andá…, 2011
Functional and spatial segregation within the inferior frontal and superior temporal cortices during listening, articulation imagery, and production of vowels
AC Rampinini, G Handjaras, A Leo, L Cecchetti, E Ricciardi, G Marotta, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 17029, 2017
Different levels of visual perceptual skills are associated with specific modifications in functional connectivity and global efficiency
S Danti, G Handjaras, L Cecchetti, H Beuzeron-Mangina, P Pietrini, ...
International Journal of Psychophysiology 123, 127-135, 2018
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