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Potential applications of human saliva as diagnostic fluid
M Castagnola, PM Picciotti, I Messana, C Fanali, A Fiorita, T Cabras, ...
Acta Otorhinolaryngologica Italica 31 (6), 347, 2011
Facts and artifacts in proteomics of body fluids. What proteomics of saliva is telling us?
I Messana, R Inzitari, C Fanali, T Cabras, M Castagnola
Journal of separation science 31 (11), 1948-1963, 2008
A cascade of 24 histatins (histatin 3 fragments) in human saliva Suggestions for a pre-secretory sequential cleavage pathway
M Castagnola, R Inzitari, DV Rossetti, C Olmi, T Cabras, V Piras, ...
Journal of biological chemistry 279 (40), 41436-41443, 2004
Trafficking and postsecretory events responsible for the formation of secreted human salivary peptides: a proteomics approach
I Messana, T Cabras, E Pisano, MT Sanna, A Olianas, B Manconi, ...
Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 7 (5), 911-926, 2008
Characterization of the human salivary basic proline-rich protein complex by a proteomic approach
I Messana, T Cabras, R Inzitari, A Lupi, C Zuppi, C Olmi, MB Fadda, ...
Journal of proteome research 3 (4), 792-800, 2004
Proteomic study of salivary peptides and proteins in patients with Sjögren's syndrome before and after pilocarpine treatment
G Peluso, M De Santis, R Inzitari, C Fanali, T Cabras, I Messana, ...
Arthritis & Rheumatism: Official Journal of the American College of …, 2007
Marked interindividual variability in renal maturation of preterm infants: lessons from autopsy
G Faa, C Gerosa, D Fanni, S Nemolato, A Locci, T Cabras, V Marinelli, ...
The Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine 23 (sup3), 129-133, 2010
Peptides of human gingival crevicular fluid determined by HPLC‐ESI‐MS
E Pisano, T Cabras, C Montaldo, V Piras, R Inzitari, C Olmi, M Castagnola, ...
European journal of oral sciences 113 (6), 462-468, 2005
Hypo-phosphorylation of salivary peptidome as a clue to the molecular pathogenesis of autism spectrum disorders
M Castagnola, I Messana, R Inzitari, C Fanali, T Cabras, A Morelli, ...
Journal of proteome research 7 (12), 5327-5332, 2008
Responsiveness to 6-n-propylthiouracil (PROP) is associated with salivary levels of two specific basic proline-rich proteins in humans
T Cabras, M Melis, M Castagnola, A Padiglia, BJ Tepper, I Messana, ...
PloS one 7 (2), e30962, 2012
Alterations of the salivary secretory peptidome profile in children affected by type 1 diabetes
T Cabras, E Pisano, A Mastinu, G Denotti, PP Pusceddu, R Inzitari, ...
Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 9 (10), 2099-2108, 2010
Biotechnological implications of the salivary proteome
M Castagnola, T Cabras, A Vitali, MT Sanna, I Messana
Trends in biotechnology 29 (8), 409-418, 2011
Different isoforms and post‐translational modifications of human salivary acidic proline‐rich proteins
R Inzitari, T Cabras, G Onnis, C Olmi, A Mastinu, MT Sanna, MG Pellegrini, ...
Proteomics 5 (3), 805-815, 2005
The surprising composition of the salivary proteome of preterm human newborn
M Castagnola, R Inzitari, C Fanali, F Iavarone, A Vitali, C Desiderio, ...
Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 10 (1), M110. 003467, 2011
Age-dependent modifications of the human salivary secretory protein complex
T Cabras, E Pisano, R Boi, A Olianas, B Manconi, R Inzitari, C Fanali, ...
Journal of proteome research 8 (8), 4126-4134, 2009
Detection in human saliva of different statherin and P‐B fragments and derivatives
R Inzitari, T Cabras, DV Rossetti, C Fanali, A Vitali, M Pellegrini, ...
Proteomics 6 (23), 6370-6379, 2006
Identification of the human salivary cystatin complex by the coupling of high‐performance liquid chromatography and ion‐trap mass spectrometry
A Lupi, I Messana, G Denotti, ME Schininà, G Gambarini, MB Fadda, ...
Proteomics 3 (4), 461-467, 2003
Tyrosine polysulfation of human salivary histatin 1. A post-translational modification specific of the submandibular gland
T Cabras, C Fanali, JA Monteiro, F Amado, R Inzitari, C Desiderio, ...
Journal of proteome research 6 (7), 2472-2480, 2007
Proteomics of saliva: personal experience
E Scarano, A Fiorita, PM Picciotti, GC Passali, L Calo, T Cabras, R Inzitari, ...
Acta Otorhinolaryngologica Italica 30 (3), 125, 2010
HPLC‐ESI‐MS analysis of oral human fluids reveals that gingival crevicular fluid is the main source of oral thymosins β4 and β10
R Inzitari, T Cabras, E Pisano, C Fanali, B Manconi, E Scarano, A Fiorita, ...
Journal of separation science 32 (1), 57-63, 2009
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