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Mattia Gilio
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Carbonation of subduction-zone serpentinite (high-pressure ophicarbonate; Ligurian Western Alps) and implications for the deep carbon cycling
M Scambelluri, GE Bebout, D Belmonte, M Gilio, N Campomenosi, ...
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The water and fluid-mobile element cycles during serpentinite subduction. A review
M Scambelluri, E Canna, M Gilio
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Fossil intermediate-depth earthquakes in subducting slabs linked to differential stress release
M Scambelluri, G Pennacchioni, M Gilio, M Bestmann, O Plmper, ...
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The Friningen Garnet Peridotite (central Swedish Caledonides). A good example of the characteristic PTt path of a cold mantle wedge garnet peridotite
M Gilio, F Clos, HLM van Roermund
Lithos 230, 1-16, 2015
Petrology and geochemistry of serpentinites associated with the ultra-high pressure Lago di Cignana Unit (Italian Western Alps)
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Elastic geobarometry: How to work with residual inclusion strains and pressures
M Gilio, RJ Angel, M Alvaro
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Garnet EoS: a critical review and synthesis
RJ Angel, M Gilio, M Mazzucchelli, M Alvaro
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Fragments of deeper parts of the hanging wall mantle preserved as orogenic peridotites in the central belt of the Seve Nappe Complex, Sweden
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The contribution of elastic geothermobarometry to the debate on HP versus UHP metamorphism
M Gilio, M Scambelluri, RJ Angel, M Alvaro
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Fingerprinting and relocating tectonic slices along the plate interface: Evidence from the Lago Superiore unit at Monviso (Western Alps)
M Gilio, M Scambelluri, S Agostini, M Godard, T Pettke, P Agard, ...
Lithos 352, 105308, 2020
Extensive fluid–rock interaction and pressure solution in a UHP fluid pathway recorded by garnetite, Lago di Cignana, Western Alps
HW van Schrojenstein Lantman, M Scambelluri, M Gilio, D Wallis, ...
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Revealing the link between A-type granites and hottest melts from residual metasedimentary crust
BB Carvalho, O Bartoli, B Cesare, M Satish-Kumar, M Petrelli, ...
Geology 51 (9), 845-849, 2023
Estimation of PT entrapment conditions of a subduction fluid using elastic thermobarometry: A case study from Cabo Ortegal Complex, Spain
T Sprnitz, C Szab, M Gilio, M Alvaro, M Blažekov, P Konečn, T Vczi, ...
Lithos 448, 107171, 2023
The subduction, exhumation, and deformation history of the Vaimok Lens, Seve Nappe Complex, Scandinavian Caledonides
C Barnes, J Majka, D Schneider, M Gilio, M Alvaro, M Bukała, M Smit
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, EGU21-8943, 2021
Elastic thermobarometry of ultrahigh-pressure metapelites from the Brossasco-Isasca Unit (Dora-Maira Massif, Western Alps)
G Mingardi, N Campomenosi, M Gilio, C Chopin, M Scambelluri, M Alvaro
Lithos 448, 107167, 2023
Melt inclusions in arclogitic xenoliths constrain the genesis of the lower continental arc crust beneath the Northern Volcanic Zone, Colombia
O Gianola, B Costa, F Ferri, M Gilio, M Petrelli, M Murri, A Barbaro, ...
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Deciphering the tectonometamorphic history of subducted metapelites using quartz‐in‐garnet and Ti‐in‐quartz (QuiG–TiQ) geothermobarometry—A key for understanding burial in the…
P Jeanneret, I Klonowska, C Barnes, J Majka, J Holmberg, M Gilio, ...
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Black Quartz from the Burano Formation (Val Secchia, Italy): An Unusual Gem
F Caucia, M Scacchetti, L Marinoni, M Gilio
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First evidence of UHP in the Lago Superiore Unit (Monviso, Western Alps)
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15th Emile Argand Conference on Alpine Geological Studies, alpshop, 47, 2022
An Attractive Blue Diopside from Sissone Valley, Western Alps, Italy
F Caucia, M Scacchetti, L Marinoni, M Gilio, A Langone, O Bartoli, ...
Minerals 11 (8), 837, 2021
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