Vidar Gudmundsson
Vidar Gudmundsson
Science Institute, University of Iceland
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Comparison of a Hartree, a Hartree-Fock, and an exact treatment of quantum-dot helium
D Pfannkuche, V Gudmundsson, PA Maksym
Physical Review B 47 (4), 2244, 1993
Screening properties of the two-dimensional electron gas in the quantum Hall regime
U Wulf, V Gudmundsson, RR Gerhardts
Physical Review B 38 (6), 4218, 1988
Theory of quantum dot helium
D Pfannkuche, RR Gerhardts, PA Maksym, V Gudmundsson
Physica B: Condensed Matter 189 (1-4), 6-15, 1993
Self-consistent model of magnetoplasmons in quantum dots with nearly parabolic confinement potentials
V Gudmundsson, RR Gerhardts
Physical Review B 43 (14), 12098, 1991
Bernstein modes in quantum wires and dots
V Gudmundsson, A Brataas, P Grambow, B Meurer, T Kurth, D Heitmann
Physical Review B 51 (24), 17744, 1995
Interpretation of experiments implying density of states between Landau levels of a 2DEG by a statistical model for inhomogeneities
V Gudmundsson, RR Gerhardts
Phys. Rev. B 35, 8005, 1987
Statistical model for inhomogeneities in a two-dimensional electron gas implying a background density of states between Landau levels
RR Gerhardts, V Gudmundsson
Physical Review B 34 (4), 2999, 1986
Coherent electronic transport in a multimode quantum channel with Gaussian-type scatterers
JH Bardarson, I Magnusdottir, G Gudmundsdottir, CS Tang, A Manolescu, ...
Physical Review B 70 (24), 245308, 2004
Transient regime in nonlinear transport through many-level quantum dots
V Moldoveanu, V Gudmundsson, A Manolescu
Physical Review B 76 (8), 085330, 2007
Detection of compressible and incompressible states in quantum dots and antidots by far-infrared spectroscopy
K Bollweg, T Kurth, D Heitmann, V Gudmundsson, E Vasiliadou, ...
Physical review letters 76 (15), 2774, 1996
Geometrical effects and signal delay in time-dependent transport at the nanoscale
V Moldoveanu, A Manolescu, V Gudmundsson
New Journal of Physics 11, 073019, 2009
Time-dependent transport via the generalized master equation through a finite quantum wire with an embedded subsystem
V Gudmundsson, C Gainar, CS Tang, V Moldoveanu, A Manolescu
New Journal of Physics 11, 113007, 2009
Low temperature scanning tunneling spectroscopy on InAs (110)
M Morgenstern, D Haude, V Gudmundsson, C Wittneven, R Dombrowski, ...
Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 109 (1-2), 127-145, 2000
Coulomb interaction and transient charging of excited states in open nanosystems
V Moldoveanu, A Manolescu, CS Tang, V Gudmundsson
Physical Review B 81 (15), 155442, 2010
Influence of the shape of quantum dots on their far-infrared absorption
I Magnúsdóttir, V Gudmundsson
Physical Review B 60 (24), 16591, 1999
Time-dependent transport of electrons through a photon cavity
V Gudmundsson, O Jonasson, CS Tang, HS Goan, A Manolescu
Arxiv preprint arXiv:1109.4728, 2011
Transport through a quantum ring, dot, and barrier embedded in a nanowire in magnetic field
V Gudmundsson, YY Lin, CS Tang, V Moldoveanu, JH Bardarson, ...
Physical Review B 71 (23), 235302, 2005
Far-infrared absorption of acoustic and optical magnetoplasmons in double-layered quantum wires
C Steinebach, D Heitmann, V Gudmundsson
Physical Review B 56 (11), 6742, 1997
Far-infrared spectroscopy of quantum wires and dots, breaking Kohn’s theorem
D Heitmann, K Bollweg, V Gudmundsson, T Kurth, SP Riege
Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures 1 (1-4), 204-210, 1997
Effects of screening on the Hofstadter butterfly
V Gudmundsson, RR Gerhardts
Physical Review B 52 (23), 16744, 1995
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