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U–Pb SHRIMP-dating of zircon domains from UHP garnet-rich mafic rocks and late pegmatoids in the Rhodope zone (N Greece); evidence for Early Cretaceous crystallization and Late …
A Liati, D Gebauer, R Wysoczanski
Chemical Geology 184 (3-4), 281-299, 2002
Structural and geochronological constraints on the role of partial melting during the formation of the Shuswap metamorphic core complex at the latitude of the Thor-Odin dome …
O Vanderhaeghe, C Teyssier, R Wysoczanski
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 36 (6), 917-943, 1999
SHRIMP zircon geochronology and geochemistry of the Orlica-Śnieżnik gneisses (Variscan belt of Central Europe) and their tectonic implications
K Tumiak, S Mazur, R Wysoczanski
Geodinamica Acta 13 (5), 293-312, 2000
The invisible hand: Tectonic triggering and modulation of a rhyolitic supereruption
ASR Allan, CJN Wilson, MA Millet, RJ Wysoczanski
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Microbeam characterization of corning archeological reference glasses: new additions to the smithsonian microbeam standard collection
EP Vicenzi, S Eggins, A Logan, R Wysoczanski
Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and technology …, 2002
Chlorine in submarine volcanic glasses from the eastern Manus basin
WD Sun, RA Binns, AC Fan, VS Kamenetsky, R Wysoczanski, GJ Wei, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 71 (6), 1542-1552, 2007
Reconstructing the Quaternary evolution of the world's most active silicic volcanic system: insights from an∼ 1.65 Ma deep ocean tephra record sourced from Taupo Volcanic Zone …
ASR Allan, JA Baker, L Carter, RJ Wysoczanksi
Quaternary Science Reviews 27 (25-26), 2341-2360, 2008
Thermal evidence for early Cretaceous metamorphism in the Shyok suture zone and age of the Khardung volcanic rocks, Ladakh, India
WJ Dunlap, R Wysoczanski
Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 20 (5), 481-490, 2002
Spectroscopic FTIR imaging of water species in silicic volcanic glasses and melt inclusions: An example from the Izu-Bonin arc
R Wysoczanski, K Tani
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 156 (3-4), 302-314, 2006
Initiation of magmatism during the Cambrian–Ordovician Ross orogeny in southern Victoria Land, Antarctica
A Allibone, R Wysoczanski
Geological Society of America Bulletin 114 (8), 1007-1018, 2002
Syncollisional rapid granitic magma formation in an arc-arc collision zone: Evidence from the Tanzawa plutonic complex, Japan
K Tani, DJ Dunkley, JI Kimura, RJ Wysoczanski, K Yamada, Y Tatsumi
Geology 38 (3), 215-218, 2010
Using micro-FTIR spectroscopy to measure volatile contents in small and unexposed inclusions hosted in olivine crystals
ARL Nichols, RJ Wysoczanski
Chemical Geology 242 (3-4), 371-384, 2007
Detrital zircon age patterns and provenance in late Paleozoic–early Mesozoic New Zealand terranes and development of the paleo-Pacific Gondwana margin
RJ Wysoczanski, GM Gibson, TR Ireland
Geology 25 (10), 939-942, 1997
Petrogenesis and origins of mid-Cretaceous continental intraplate volcanism in Marlborough, New Zealand: implications for the long-lived HIMU magmatic mega-province of the SW …
AJ McCoy-West, JA Baker, K Faure, R Wysoczanski
Journal of Petrology 51 (10), 2003-2045, 2010
Proterozoic lithosphere in Marie Byrd Land, West Antarctica: Re–Os systematics of spinel peridotite xenoliths
MR Handler, RJ Wysoczanski, JA Gamble
Chemical Geology 196 (1-4), 131-145, 2003
Geochemistry and petrogenesis of silicic magmas in the intra-oceanic Kermadec arc
SJ Barker, CJN Wilson, JA Baker, MA Millet, MD Rotella, IC Wright, ...
Journal of Petrology 54 (2), 351-391, 2013
Volatile contents of Kermadec Arc–Havre Trough pillow glasses: Fingerprinting slab-derived aqueous fluids in the mantle sources of arc and back-arc lavas
RJ Wysoczanski, IC Wright, JA Gamble, EH Hauri, JF Luhr, SM Eggins, ...
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 152 (1-2), 51-73, 2006
Backarc rifting, constructional volcanism and nascent disorganised spreading in the southern Havre Trough backarc rifts (SW Pacific)
RJ Wysoczanski, E Todd, IC Wright, MI Leybourne, JM Hergt, C Adam, ...
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OH in synthetic and natural coesite
M Koch-Müller, P Dera, Y Fei, B Reno, N Sobolev, E Hauri, ...
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The largest deep-ocean silicic volcanic eruption of the past century
R Carey, SA Soule, M Manga, JDL White, J McPhie, R Wysoczanski, ...
Science advances 4 (1), e1701121, 2018
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