Gianluca Amprimo
Gianluca Amprimo
PhD Student, Politecnico di Torino DAUIN /Research fellow CNR-IEIIT
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Monitoring of gait parameters in post-stroke individuals: A feasibility study using rgb-d sensors
C Ferraris, V Cimolin, L Vismara, V Votta, G Amprimo, R Cremascoli, ...
Sensors 21 (17), 5945, 2021
Computation of gait parameters in post stroke and parkinson’s disease: A comparative study using RGB-D sensors and optoelectronic systems
V Cimolin, L Vismara, C Ferraris, G Amprimo, G Pettiti, R Lopez, M Galli, ...
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Evaluation of arm swing features and asymmetry during gait in Parkinson’s disease using the azure kinect sensor
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Stress and workload assessment in aviation—a narrative review
G Masi, G Amprimo, C Ferraris, L Priano
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Kinect-based assessment of lower limbs during gait in post-stroke hemiplegic patients: A narrative review
S Cerfoglio, C Ferraris, L Vismara, G Amprimo, L Priano, G Pettiti, M Galli, ...
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Gmh-d: Combining google mediapipe and rgb-depth cameras for hand motor skills remote assessment
G Amprimo, C Ferraris, G Masi, G Pettiti, L Priano
2022 IEEE International Conference on Digital Health (ICDH), 132-141, 2022
Assessment tasks and virtual exergames for remote monitoring of Parkinson’s disease: An integrated approach based on Azure Kinect
G Amprimo, G Masi, L Priano, C Azzaro, F Galli, G Pettiti, A Mauro, ...
Sensors 22 (21), 8173, 2022
Usability of the REHOME solution for the telerehabilitation in neurological diseases: Preliminary results on motor and cognitive platforms
C Ferraris, I Ronga, R Pratola, G Coppo, T Bosso, S Falco, G Amprimo, ...
Sensors 22 (23), 9467, 2022
Hand tracking for clinical applications: validation of the google mediapipe hand (gmh) and the depth-enhanced gmh-d frameworks
G Amprimo, G Masi, G Pettiti, G Olmo, L Priano, C Ferraris
Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 96, 106508, 2024
Measuring Brain Activation Patterns from Raw Single-Channel EEG during Exergaming: A Pilot Study
G Amprimo, I Rechichi, C Ferraris, G Olmo
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Telerehabilitation of cognitive, motor and sleep disorders in neurological pathologies: the REHOME project
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2022 IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC), 1-6, 2022
Kinect-based Solution for the Home Monitoring of Gait and Balance in Elderly People with and without Neurological Diseases.
G Amprimo, G Pettiti, L Priano, A Mauro, C Ferraris
AIxAS@ AI* IA, 70-80, 2021
Neuronal Spike Shapes (NSS): A straightforward approach to investigate heterogeneity in neuronal excitability states
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Computers in Biology and Medicine 168, 107783, 2024
Objective Assessment of the Finger Tapping Task in Parkinson's Disease and Control Subjects using Azure Kinect and Machine Learning
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2023 IEEE 36th International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systemsá…, 2023
New Perspectives in Nonintrusive Sleep Monitoring for Neurodegenerative Diseases—A Narrative Review
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G Amprimo, G Masi, C Ferraris, G Olmo, L Priano
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Electrodermal Activity in the Evaluation of Engagement for Telemedicine Applications
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2023 IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communicationsá…, 2023
A Data-driven Exploration and Prediction of Deep Brain Stimulation Effects on Gait in Parkinson’s Disease
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