Fabian Filipp
Fabian Filipp
Assistant Professor of Cancer Systems Biology
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Comparative metabolic flux profiling of melanoma cell lines: beyond the Warburg effect
DA Scott, AD Richardson, FV Filipp, CA Knutzen, GG Chiang, AR Ze'ev, ...
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S Wilson, J Qi, FV Filipp
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Targeting activating mutations of EZH2 leads to potent cell growth inhibition in human melanoma by derepression of tumor suppressor genes
JC Tiffen, D Gunatilake, SJ Gallagher, K Gowrishankar, A Heinemann, ...
Oncotarget 6 (29), 27023, 2015
Cancer metabolism meets systems biology: Pyruvate kinase isoform PKM2 is a metabolic master regulator
FV Filipp
Journal of carcinogenesis 12, 2013
Is science killing sport? Gene therapy and its possible abuse in doping
F Filipp
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The histone demethylase KDM3A regulates the transcriptional program of the androgen receptor in prostate cancer cells
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Precision medicine driven by cancer systems biology
FV Filipp
Cancer and Metastasis Reviews 36 (1), 91-108, 2017
Automated evaluation of chemical shift perturbation spectra: New approaches to quantitative analysis of receptor-ligand interaction NMR spectra
C Peng, SW Unger, FV Filipp, M Sattler, S Szalma
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Probing lipid-and drug-binding domains with fluorescent dyes
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Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry 16 (3), 1162-1173, 2008
Binding and pKa Modulation of a Polycyclic Substrate Analogue in a Type II Polyketide Acyl Carrier Protein
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ACS chemical biology 6 (5), 413-418, 2011
Somatic copy number amplification and hyperactivating somatic mutations of EZH2 correlate with DNA methylation and drive epigenetic silencing of genes involved in tumor …
J Tiffen, S Wilson, SJ Gallagher, P Hersey, FV Filipp
Neoplasia 18 (2), 121-132, 2016
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