Stefania Pucciarelli
Stefania Pucciarelli
University of Camerino, School of Biosciences and Biotechnology
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A rise in NAD precursor nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) after injury promotes axon degeneration
M Di Stefano, I Nascimento-Ferreira, G Orsomando, V Mori, J Gilley, ...
Cell Death & Differentiation 22 (5), 731-742, 2015
Spermidine and spermine are enriched in whole blood of nona/centenarians
S Pucciarelli, B Moreschini, D Micozzi, GS De Fronzo, FM Carpi, ...
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Dietary intake of vitamin D from dairy products reduces the risk of osteoporosis
V Polzonetti, S Pucciarelli, S Vincenzetti, P Polidori
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Effect of hydroxypropyl β-cyclodextrin on the self-assembling and thermogelation properties of Poloxamer 407
G Bonacucina, M Spina, M Misici-Falzi, M Cespi, S Pucciarelli, M Angeletti, ...
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A comparison of the carcass and meat quality of Martina Franca donkey foals aged 8 or 12 months
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Sanguinarine suppresses basal-like breast cancer growth through dihydrofolate reductase inhibition
C Kalogris, C Garulli, L Pietrella, V Gambini, S Pucciarelli, C Lucci, M Tilio, ...
Biochemical pharmacology 90 (3), 226-234, 2014
Role of proteins and of some bioactive peptides on the nutritional quality of donkey milk and their impact on human health
S Vincenzetti, S Pucciarelli, V Polzonetti, P Polidori
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Enhanced insulin sensitivity in skeletal muscle and liver by physiological overexpression of SIRT6
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The effects of slaughter age on carcass and meat quality of Fabrianese lambs
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Mechanism of inhibition of wt‐dihydrofolate reductase from E. coli by tea epigallocatechin‐gallate
M Spina, M Cuccioloni, M Mozzicafreddo, F Montecchia, S Pucciarelli, ...
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A proteomic study on donkey milk
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Effects of freeze-drying and spray-drying on donkey milk volatile compounds and whey proteins stability
S Vincenzetti, T Cecchi, DR Perinelli, S Pucciarelli, V Polzonetti, ...
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Hypoallergenic properties of donkey’s milk: a preliminary study
S Vincenzetti, L Foghini, S Pucciarelli, V Polzonetti, N Cammertoni, ...
Veterinaria Italiana 50 (2), 99-107, 2014
Human cytidine deaminase: a biochemical characterization of its naturally occurring variants
D Micozzi, FM Carpi, S Pucciarelli, V Polzonetti, P Polidori, S Vilar, ...
International journal of biological macromolecules 63, 64-74, 2014
CDA gene polymorphisms and enzyme activity: genotype–phenotype relationship in an Italian–Caucasian population
FM Carpi, S Vincenzetti, J Ubaldi, S Pucciarelli, V Polzonetti, D Micozzi, ...
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Enzymology of pyrimidine metabolism and neurodegeneration
S Vincenzetti, V Polzonetti, D Micozzi, S Pucciarelli
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Development of a questionnaire (EORTC module) to measure quality of life in patients with cholangiocarcinoma and gallbladder cancer, the EORTC QLQ-BIL21
E Friend, G Yadegarfar, C Byrne, CD Johnson, O Sezer, S Pucciarelli, ...
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Evaluation of thermosensitive poloxamer 407 gel systems for the sustained release of estradiol in a fish model
M Cespi, G Bonacucina, S Pucciarelli, P Cocci, DR Perinelli, L Casettari, ...
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Population variability in CD38 activity: correlation with age and significant effect of TNF-α-308G> A and CD38 184C> G SNPs
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Vitamins in human and donkey milk: functional and nutritional role
S Vincenzetti, G Santini, V Polzonetti, S Pucciarelli, Y Klimanova, ...
Nutrients 13 (5), 1509, 2021
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