Mostafa Hassani
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Cold spray coating: review of material systems and future perspectives
A Moridi, SM Hassani-Gangaraj, M Guagliano, M Dao
Surface Engineering 30 (6), 369-395, 2014
The effect of nitriding, severe shot peening and their combination on the fatigue behavior and micro-structure of a low-alloy steel
SM Hassani-Gangaraj, A Moridi, M Guagliano, A Ghidini, M Boniardi
International Journal of Fatigue 62, 67-76, 2014
Experimental assessment and simulation of surface nanocrystallization by severe shot peening
SM Hassani-Gangaraj, KS Cho, HJL Voigt, M Guagliano, CA Schuh
Acta Materialia 97, 105-115, 2015
Fatigue behavior of cold spray coatings: The effect of conventional and severe shot peening as pre-/post-treatment
A Moridi, SM Hassani-Gangaraj, S Vezz, L Trško, M Guagliano
Surface and Coatings Technology 283, 247-254, 2015
Critical review of corrosion protection by cold spray coatings
SM Hassani-Gangaraj, A Moridi, M Guagliano
Surface Engineering 31 (11), 803-815, 2015
An approach to relate shot peening finite element simulation to the actual coverage
SMH Gangaraj, M Guagliano, GH Farrahi
Surface and Coatings Technology 243, 39-45, 2014
Nitriding duration reduction without sacrificing mechanical characteristics and fatigue behavior: The beneficial effect of surface nano-crystallization by prior severe shot peening
SM Hassani-Gangaraj, A Moridi, M Guagliano, A Ghidini
Materials & Design 55, 492-498, 2014
In-situ observations of single micro-particle impact bonding
M Hassani-Gangaraj, D Veysset, KA Nelson, CA Schuh
Scripta Materialia 145, 9-13, 2018
A hybrid approach to determine critical and erosion velocities in the cold spray process
A Moridi, SM Hassani-Gangaraj, M Guagliano
Applied Surface Science 273, 617-624, 2013
The effect of shot peening on fatigue life of welded tubular joint in offshore structure
A Habibi, N, H-Gangaraj, S.M., Farrahi, G.H
Materials & Design 36, 250-257, 2012
Finite element analysis of shot-peening effect on fretting fatigue parameters
SM H-Gangaraj, Y Alvandi-Tabrizi, GH Farrahi, GH Majzoobi, ...
Tribology International 44 (11), 1583-1588, 2011
Adiabatic shear instability is not necessary for adhesion in cold spray
M Hassani-Gangaraj, D Veysset, VK Champagne, KA Nelson, CA Schuh
Acta Materialia 158, 430-439, 2018
Number of passes and thickness effect on mechanical characteristics of cold spray coating
A Moridi, SMH Gangaraj, S Vezzu, M Guagliano
Procedia engineering 74, 449-459, 2014
Microstructural evolution during nitriding, finite element simulation and experimental assessment
SM Hassani-Gangaraj, M Guagliano
Applied Surface Science 271, 156-163, 2013
Finite element approach toward an advanced understanding of deep rolling induced residual stresses, and an application to railway axles
SM Hassani-Gangaraj, M Carboni, M Guagliano
Materials & Design 83, 689-703, 2015
Failure Analysis of a Four Cylinder Diesel Engine Crankshaft Made From Nodular Cast Iron
GH Farrahi, SM H-Gangaraj, S Abolhassani
The Journal of Engine Research 22, 21-28, 2011
Finite element simulation of shot peening coverage with the special attention on surface nanocrystallization
SM Hassani-Gangaraj, M Guagliano, GH Farrahi
Procedia Engineering 10, 2464-2471, 2011
Shot peening coverage effect on residual stress profile by FE random impact analysis
A Ghasemi, SM Hassani-Gangaraj, AH Mahmoudi, GH Farrahi, ...
Surface Engineering 32 (11), 861-870, 2016
Effect of cold spray deposition of similar material on fatigue behavior of Al 6082 alloy
A Moridi, SM Hassani-Gangaraj, M Guagliano, S Vezzu
Fracture and Fatigue, Volume 7, 51-57, 2014
Melting can hinder impact-induced adhesion
M Hassani-Gangaraj, D Veysset, KA Nelson, CA Schuh
Physical review letters 119 (17), 175701, 2017
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