Simon Barker
Simon Barker
Senior Research Fellow, Victoria University of Wellington
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Geochemistry and petrogenesis of silicic magmas in the intra-oceanic Kermadec arc
SJ Barker, CJN Wilson, JA Baker, MA Millet, MD Rotella, IC Wright, ...
Journal of Petrology, egs071, 2013
Post-supereruption magmatic reconstruction of Taupo volcano (New Zealand), as reflected in zircon ages and trace elements
SJ Barker, CJN Wilson, EGC Smith, BLA Charlier, JL Wooden, J Hiess, ...
Journal of Petrology 55 (8), 1511-1533, 2014
A cascade of magmatic events during the assembly and eruption of a super-sized magma body
ASR Allan, SJ Barker, MA Millet, DJ Morgan, SM Rooyakkers, CI Schipper, ...
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 172 (7), 1-34, 2017
Rapid priming, accumulation, and recharge of magma driving recent eruptions at a hyperactive caldera volcano
SJ Barker, CJN Wilson, DJ Morgan, JV Rowland
Geology 44 (4), 323-326, 2016
Fine-scale temporal recovery, reconstruction and evolution of a post-supereruption magmatic system
SJ Barker, CJN Wilson, ASR Allan, CI Schipper
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MD Rotella, CJN Wilson, SJ Barker, IC Wright
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Dynamics of deep submarine silicic explosive eruptions in the Kermadec arc, as reflected in pumice vesicularity textures
MD Rotella, CJN Wilson, SJ Barker, CI Schipper, IC Wright, ...
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 301, 314-332, 2015
Contrasting pyroclast density spectra from subaerial and submarine silicic eruptions in the Kermadec arc: implications for eruption processes and dredge sampling
SJ Barker, MD Rotella, CJN Wilson, IC Wright, RJ Wysoczanski
Bulletin of volcanology 74 (6), 1425-1443, 2012
Evolution of submarine eruptive activity during the 2011–2012 E l H ierro event as documented by hydroacoustic images and remotely operated vehicle observations
L Somoza, FJ Gonzlez, SJ Barker, P Madureira, T Medialdea, ...
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 18 (8), 3109-3137, 2017
Bubble development in explosive silicic eruptions: insights from pyroclast vesicularity textures from Raoul volcano (Kermadec arc)
MD Rotella, CJN Wilson, SJ Barker, KV Cashman, BF Houghton, ...
Bulletin of Volcanology 76 (8), 1-24, 2014
What lies beneath? Reconstructing the primitive magmas fueling voluminous silicic volcanism using olivine-hosted melt inclusions
SJ Barker, MC Rowe, CJN Wilson, JA Gamble, SM Rooyakkers, ...
Geology 48 (5), 504-508, 2020
Textural and micro-analytical insights into mafic–felsic interactions during the Oruanui eruption, Taupo
SM Rooyakkers, CJN Wilson, CI Schipper, SJ Barker, ASR Allan
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 173 (5), 1-24, 2018
Taupō: an overview of New Zealand's youngest supervolcano
SJ Barker, CJN Wilson, F Illsley-Kemp, GS Leonard, ERH Mestel, ...
New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics, 1-27, 2020
Modeling ash dispersal from future eruptions of Taupo supervolcano
SJ Barker, AR Van Eaton, LG Mastin, CJN Wilson, MA Thompson, ...
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 20 (7), 3375-3401, 2019
Comment on “Rapid cooling and cold storage in a silicic magma reservoir recorded in individual crystals”
CJN Wilson, DJ Morgan, BLA Charlier, SJ Barker
Science 358 (6370), 2017
Emplacement of unusual rhyolitic to basaltic ignimbrites during collapse of a basalt-dominated caldera: The Halarauur eruption, Krafla (Iceland)
SM Rooyakkers, J Stix, K Berlo, SJ Barker
Bulletin 132 (9-10), 1881-1902, 2020
Implications of a supervolcano’s seismicity
F Illsley-Kemp, S Barker, B Smith, C Wilson
Open Access Victoria University of Wellington| Te Herenga Waka, 2020
The petrology and genesis of silicic magmas in the Kermadec arc
SJ Barker
Victoria University of Wellington, 2010
New volcanic island unveils explosive past
S Cronin, M Brenna, I Smith, S Barker, M Tost, M Ford, S Tonga’onevai, ...
Post-Oruanui supereruption recovery, reconstruction and evolution of Taupo volcano, New Zealand
SJ Barker
Victoria University of Wellington, 2014
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