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Fate and effects of poly‐and perfluoroalkyl substances in the aquatic environment: A review
L Ahrens, M Bundschuh
Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 33 (9), 1921-1929, 2014
Nanoparticles in the environment: where do we come from, where do we go to?
M Bundschuh, J Filser, S Lüderwald, MS McKee, G Metreveli, ...
Environmental Sciences Europe 30 (1), 6, 2018
Understanding the fate and biological effects of Ag-and TiO 2-nanoparticles in the environment: the quest for advanced analytics and interdisciplinary concepts
GE Schaumann, A Philippe, M Bundschuh, G Metreveli, S Klitzke, ...
Science of The Total Environment 535, 3-19, 2015
Effects of pesticide toxicity, salinity and other environmental variables on selected ecosystem functions in streams and the relevance for ecosystem services
RB Schäfer, M Bundschuh, DA Rouch, E Szöcs, C Peter, V Pettigrove, ...
Science of the Total Environment 415, 69-78, 2012
Wastewater treatment plant effluents as source of cosmetic polyethylene microbeads to freshwater
G Kalčíková, B Alič, T Skalar, M Bundschuh, AŽ Gotvajn
Chemosphere 188, 25-31, 2017
Review on the effects of toxicants on freshwater ecosystem functions
K Peters, M Bundschuh, RB Schäfer
Environmental Pollution 180, 324-329, 2013
Evaluation of pesticide monitoring strategies in agricultural streams based on the toxic-unit concept—Experiences from long-term measurements
M Bundschuh, W Goedkoop, J Kreuger
Science of The Total Environment 484, 84-91, 2014
Heavy Metal Uptake and Toxicity in the Presence of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles: A Factorial Approach Using Daphnia magna.
RR Rosenfeldt, F Seitz, R Schulz, M Bundschuh
Environmental science & technology 48 (12), 6965-6972, 2014
Impacts of invasive plants on resident animals across ecosystems, taxa, and feeding types: a global assessment
J Schirmel, M Bundschuh, MH Entling, I Kowarik, S Buchholz
Global change biology 22 (2), 594-603, 2016
Effects of subchronic fungicide exposure on the energy processing of Gammarus fossarum (Crustacea; Amphipoda)
JP Zubrod, M Bundschuh, R Schulz
Ecotoxicology and environmental safety 73 (7), 1674-1680, 2010
Fungal composition on leaves explains pollutant-mediated indirect effects on amphipod feeding
M Bundschuh, JP Zubrod, S Kosol, L Maltby, C Stang, L Duester, ...
Aquatic Toxicology 104 (1), 32-37, 2011
Ecotoxicological impact of the fungicide tebuconazole on an aquatic decomposer‐detritivore system
JP Zubrod, M Bundschuh, A Feckler, D Englert, R Schulz
Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 30 (12), 2718-2724, 2011
Antibiotics as a chemical stressor affecting an aquatic decomposer–detritivore system
M Bundschuh, T Hahn, MO Gessner, R Schulz
Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 28 (1), 197-203, 2009
Fungicides: An Overlooked Pesticide Class?
JP Zubrod, M Bundschuh, G Arts, CA Brühl, G Imfeld, A Knäbel, ...
Environmental science & technology 53 (7), 3347-3365, 2019
Effects of current-use fungicides and their mixtures on the feeding and survival of the key shredder Gammarus fossarum
JP Zubrod, P Baudy, R Schulz, M Bundschuh
Aquatic toxicology 150, 133-143, 2014
Effects of silver nanoparticle properties, media pH and dissolved organic matter on toxicity to Daphnia magna
F Seitz, RR Rosenfeldt, K Storm, G Metreveli, GE Schaumann, R Schulz, ...
Ecotoxicology and environmental safety 111, 263-270, 2015
Effects of municipal wastewater on aquatic ecosystem structure and function in the receiving stream
D Englert, JP Zubrod, R Schulz, M Bundschuh
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Effects of nanoparticles in fresh waters: risks, mechanisms and interactions
M Bundschuh, F Seitz, RR Rosenfeldt, R Schulz
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Review on environmental alterations propagating from aquatic to terrestrial ecosystems
R Schulz, M Bundschuh, R Gergs, CA Brühl, D Diehl, MH Entling, L Fahse, ...
Science of the Total Environment 538, 246-261, 2015
The functional and physiological status of Gammarus fossarum (Crustacea; Amphipoda) exposed to secondary treated wastewater
M Bundschuh, JP Zubrod, R Schulz
Environmental Pollution 159 (1), 244-249, 2011
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