Martine Kolf-Clauw
Martine Kolf-Clauw
Professeur de Toxicologie
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The food contaminant deoxynivalenol, decreases intestinal barrier permeability and reduces claudin expression
P Pinton, JP Nougayrède, JC Del Rio, C Moreno, DE Marin, L Ferrier, ...
Toxicology and applied pharmacology 237 (1), 41-48, 2009
Deoxynivalenol impairs porcine intestinal barrier function and decreases the protein expression of claudin-4 through a mitogen-activated protein kinase-dependent mechanism
P Pinton, C Braicu, JP Nougayrede, J Laffitte, I Taranu, IP Oswald
The Journal of nutrition 140 (11), 1956-1962, 2010
Toxicity of deoxynivalenol and its acetylated derivatives on the intestine: differential effects on morphology, barrier function, tight junction proteins, and mitogen-activated …
P Pinton, D Tsybulskyy, J Lucioli, J Laffitte, P Callu, F Lyazhri, F Grosjean, ...
Toxicological Sciences 130 (1), 180-190, 2012
New insights into mycotoxin mixtures: The toxicity of low doses of Type B trichothecenes on intestinal epithelial cells is synergistic
I Alassane-Kpembi, M Kolf-Clauw, T Gauthier, R Abrami, FA Abiola, ...
Toxicology and applied pharmacology 272 (1), 191-198, 2013
Development of a pig jejunal explant culture for studying the gastrointestinal toxicity of the mycotoxin deoxynivalenol: Histopathological analysis
M Kolf-Clauw, J Castellote, B Joly, N Bourges-Abella, I Raymond-Letron, ...
Toxicology in vitro 23 (8), 1580-1584, 2009
The low intestinal and hepatic toxicity of hydrolyzed fumonisin B1 correlates with its inability to alter the metabolism of sphingolipids
B Grenier, APFL Bracarense, HE Schwartz, C Trumel, AM Cossalter, ...
Biochemical pharmacology 83 (10), 1465-1473, 2012
Subchronic dietary exposure of rats to cadmium alters the metabolism of metals essential to bone health
L Noël, T Guérin, M Kolf-Clauw
Food and chemical toxicology 42 (8), 1203-1210, 2004
The food contaminant deoxynivalenol activates the mitogen activated protein kinases in the intestine: interest of ex vivo models as an alternative to in vivo experiments
J Lucioli, P Pinton, P Callu, J Laffitte, F Grosjean, M Kolf-Clauw, IP Oswald, ...
Toxicon 66, 31-36, 2013
Inhibition of 7‐dehydrocholesterol reductase by the teratogen AY9944: A rat model for Smith‐Lemli‐Opitz syndrome
M Kolf‐Clauw, F Chevy, C Wolf, B Siliart, D Citadelle, C Roux
Teratology 54 (3), 115-125, 1996
Cholesterol biosynthesis inhibited by BM15. 766 induces holoprosencephaly in the rat
M Kolf‐Clauw, F Chevy, B Siliart, C Wolf, N Mulliez, C Roux
Teratology 56 (3), 188-200, 1997
Increased functional expression of P-glycoprotein in Caco-2 TC7 cells exposed long-term to cadmium
C Huynh-Delerme, H Huet, L Noël, A Frigieri, M Kolf-Clauw
Toxicology in Vitro 19 (4), 439-447, 2005
Changes in serum sterols of rats treated with 7-dehydrocholesterol-delta 7-reductase inhibitors: comparison to levels in humans with Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome.
C Wolf, F Chevy, J Pham, M Kolf-Clauw, D Citadelle, N Mulliez, C Roux
Journal of lipid research 37 (6), 1325-1333, 1996
Cadmium uptake and transepithelial transport in control and long-term exposed Caco-2 cells: the role of metallothionein
A Blais, S Lecoeur, G Milhaud, D Tomé, M Kolf-Clauw
Toxicology and applied pharmacology 160 (1), 76-85, 1999
The emerging mycotoxin, enniatin B1, down-modulates the gastrointestinal toxicity of T-2 toxin in vitro on intestinal epithelial cells and ex vivo on intestinal explants.
Conclusions of the French Food Safety Agency on the toxicity of bisphenol A
N Arnich, MC Canivenc-Lavier, M Kolf-Clauw, H Coffigny, JP Cravedi, ...
International journal of hygiene and environmental health 214 (3), 271-275, 2011
Regulatory identification of BPA as an endocrine disruptor: context and methodology
C Beausoleil, C Emond, JP Cravedi, JP Antignac, M Applanat, ...
Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology 475, 4-9, 2018
Nivalenol has a greater impact than deoxynivalenol on pig jejunum mucosa in vitro on explants and in vivo on intestinal loops
S Cheat, JR Gerez, J Cognié, I Alassane-Kpembi, APFL Bracarense, ...
Toxins 7 (6), 1945-1961, 2015
Scientific Opinion on Flavouring Group Evaluation 203, Revision 1 (FGE. 203Rev1): α, β‐Unsaturated aliphatic aldehydes and precursors from chemical subgroup 1.1. 4 of FGE. 19 …
EFSA Panel on Food Contact Materials, Enzymes, Flavourings and Processing ...
EFSA Journal 12 (4), 3626, 2014
Cadmium accumulation and interactions with zinc, copper, and manganese, analysed by ICP-MS in a long-term Caco-2 TC7 cell model
L Noël, C Huynh-Delerme, T Guérin, H Huet, JM Frémy, M Kolf-Clauw
Biometals 19 (5), 473-481, 2006
Absence of ventral cell populations in the developing brain in a rat model of the Smith‐Lemli‐Opitz syndrome
F Gofflot, M Kolf‐Clauw, F Clotman, C Roux, JJ Picard
American journal of medical genetics 87 (3), 207-216, 1999
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