Marco Barchi
Marco Barchi
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Control of meiotic and mitotic progression by the F box protein β-Trcp1 in vivo
D Guardavaccaro, Y Kudo, J Boulaire, M Barchi, L Busino, M Donzelli, ...
Developmental cell 4 (6), 799-812, 2003
Distinct DNA-damage-dependent and-independent responses drive the loss of oocytes in recombination-defective mouse mutants
M Di Giacomo, M Barchi, F Baudat, W Edelmann, S Keeney, M Jasin
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Distinct properties of the XY pseudoautosomal region crucial for male meiosis
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Science 331 (6019), 916-920, 2011
Surveillance of different recombination defects in mouse spermatocytes yields distinct responses despite elimination at an identical developmental stage
M Barchi, S Mahadevaiah, M Di Giacomo, F Baudat, DG de Rooij, ...
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Collaboration of homologous recombination and nonhomologous end-joining factors for the survival and integrity of mice and cells
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L Kauppi, M Barchi, J Lange, F Baudat, M Jasin, S Keeney
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Bub1 maintains centromeric cohesion by activation of the spindle checkpoint
D Perera, V Tilston, JA Hopwood, M Barchi, RP Boot-Handford, SS Taylor
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Tr-kit-induced resumption of the cell cycle in mouse eggs requires activation of a Src-like kinase
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Sam68 regulates translation of target mRNAs in male germ cells, necessary for mouse spermatogenesis
MP Paronetto, V Messina, E Bianchi, M Barchi, G Vogel, C Moretti, ...
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HMGA1 and HMGA2 protein expression in mouse spermatogenesis
P Chieffi, S Battista, M Barchi, S Di Agostino, GM Pierantoni, M Fedele, ...
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ATM promotes the obligate XY crossover and both crossover control and chromosome axis integrity on autosomes
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Reduced proficiency in homologous recombination underlies the high sensitivity of embryonal carcinoma testicular germ cell tumors to Cisplatin and poly (adp-ribose) polymerase …
F Cavallo, G Graziani, C Antinozzi, DR Feldman, J Houldsworth, GJ Bosl, ...
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Sam68 marks the transcriptionally active stages of spermatogenesis and modulates alternative splicing in male germ cells
MP Paronetto, V Messina, M Barchi, R Geremia, S Richard, C Sette
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Revisiting DNA damage repair, p53-mediated apoptosis and cisplatin sensitivity in germ cell tumors
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Mutations that affect meiosis in male mice influence the dynamics of the mid-preleptotene and bouquet stages
B Liebe, G Petukhova, M Barchi, M Bellani, H Braselmann, T Nakano, ...
Experimental cell research 312 (19), 3768-3781, 2006
Mouse ANKRD31 regulates spatiotemporal patterning of meiotic recombination initiation and ensures recombination between X and Y sex chromosomes
F Papanikos, JAJ Clément, E Testa, R Ravindranathan, C Grey, I Dereli, ...
Molecular cell 74 (5), 1069-1085. e11, 2019
Expression of a truncated form of KIT tyrosine kinase in human spermatozoa correlates with sperm DNA integrity
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Male infertility due to germ cell apoptosis in mice lacking the thiamin carrier, Tht1. A new insight into the critical role of thiamin in spermatogenesis
K Oishi, M Barchi, AC Au, BD Gelb, GA Diaz
Developmental biology 266 (2), 299-309, 2004
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