Maurizio Brunetti
Maurizio Brunetti
Professore di Geometria e Algebra
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The cohomology of the universal Steenrod algebra
M Brunetti, A Ciampella, LA Lomonaco
manuscripta mathematica 118 (3), 271-282, 2005
Old and new proofs of Cramer's rule
M Brunetti, A Renato
Applied Mathematical Sciences 8 (133), 6689-6697, 2014
A Priddy-type Koszulness criterion for non-locally finite algebras
M Brunetti, A Ciampella
Colloquium Mathematicum 109, 179-192, 2007
Morava K-theories of p-groups with cyclic maximal subgroups and other related groups
M Brunetti
K-theory 24 (4), 385-395, 2001
Homology and cohomology operations in terms of differential operators
M Brunetti, A Ciampella, LA Lomonaco
Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society 42 (1), 53-63, 2010
An Embedding for the E 2-term of the Adams Spectral Sequence at Odd Primes
M Brunetti, A Ciampella, LA Lomonaco
Acta Mathematica Sinica 22 (6), 1657-1666, 2006
A family of 2(p − 1)-sparse cohomology theories and some actions on
M Brunetti
Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society 116 (2), 223-228, 1994
An embedding for the E2-term of the Adams spectral sequence
M Brunetti, LA Lomonaco
Ricerche di Matematica 54 (1), 185-200, 2005
Chasing non-diagonal cycles in a certain system of algebras of operations
M Brunetti, LA Lomonaco
Ricerche di Matematica 63 (1), 57-68, 2014
On the canonical GL2 (F2)-module structure of K (n)∗(BZ/2× BZ/2)≫
Algebraic Topology: New Trends in Localization and Periodicity: Barcelona …, 2012
On the multiplicity of α as an Aα (Γ)-eigenvalue of signed graphs with pendant vertices
F Belardo, M Brunetti, A Ciampella
Discrete Mathematics 342 (8), 2223-2233, 2019
An example in the Singer category of algebras with coproducts at odd primes
M Brunetti, A Ciampella, LA Lomonaco
Vietnam Journal of Mathematics 44 (3), 463-476, 2016
The fractal structure of the universal Steenrod algebra: an invariant-theoretic description
M Brunetti, A Ciampella
Appl. Math. Sci.(Ruse) 8 (133), 6681-6688, 2014
Edge perturbation on signed graphs with clusters: Adjacency and Laplacian eigenvalues
F Belardo, M Brunetti, A Ciampella
Discrete Applied Mathematics 269, 130-138, 2019
Signed bicyclic graphs minimizing the least Laplacian eigenvalue
F Belardo, M Brunetti, A Ciampella
Linear Algebra and its Applications 557, 201-233, 2018
Length-preserving monomorphisms for some algebras of operations
M Brunetti, A Ciampella, LA Lomonaco
Boletín de la Sociedad Matemática Mexicana 23 (1), 487-500, 2017
The K (n)-Euler characteristic of extraspecial p-groups
M Brunetti
Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 155 (2-3), 105-113, 2001
A New Cohomological Criterion for the p-Nilpotence of Groups
M Brunetti
Canadian Mathematical Bulletin 41 (1), 20-22, 1998
Balancedness and the least Laplacian eigenvalue of some complex unit gain graphs
F Belardo, M Brunetti, N Reff
Discussiones Mathematicae Graph Theory 40 (2), 417-433, 2020
Connected signed graphs L-cospectral to signed ∞-graphs
F Belardo, M Brunetti
Linear and Multilinear Algebra 67 (12), 2410-2426, 2019
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