Michele Bianchi
Michele Bianchi
Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia - Center for Translational Neurophysiology
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Electrochemiluminescent functionalizable cyclometalated thiophene-based iridium (III) complexes
M Bandini, M Bianchi, G Valenti, F Piccinelli, F Paolucci, M Monari, ...
Inorganic chemistry 49 (4), 1439-1448, 2010
Ethanol disinfection affects physical properties and cell response of electrospun poly (l-lactic acid) scaffolds
C Gualandi, M Govoni, L Foroni, S Valente, M Bianchi, E Giordano, ...
European Polymer Journal 48 (12), 2008-2018, 2012
Ion-substituted calcium phosphate coatings deposited by plasma-assisted techniques: A review
G Graziani, M Bianchi, E Sassoni, A Russo, M Marcacci
Materials Science and Engineering: C 74, 219-229, 2017
Substrate geometry directs the in vitro mineralization of calcium phosphate ceramics
M Bianchi, ERU Edreira, JGC Wolke, ZT Birgani, P Habibovic, JA Jansen, ...
Acta biomaterialia 10 (2), 661-669, 2014
Neural cell alignment by patterning gradients of the extracellular matrix protein laminin
B Chelli, M Barbalinardo, F Valle, P Greco, E Bystrenova, M Bianchi, ...
Interface focus 4 (1), 20130041, 2014
Control of neuronal cell adhesion on single-walled carbon nanotube 3D patterns
C Dionigi, M Bianchi, P D'Angelo, B Chelli, P Greco, A Shehu, I Tonazzini, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry 20 (11), 2213-2218, 2010
Tribological characterization of zirconia coatings deposited on Ti6Al4V components for orthopedic applications
M Berni, N Lopomo, G Marchiori, A Gambardella, M Boi, M Bianchi, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: C 62, 643-655, 2016
Stable Non‐Covalent Large Area Patterning of Inert Teflon‐AF Surface: A New Approach to Multiscale Cell Guidance
F Valle, B Chelli, M Bianchi, P Greco, E Bystrenova, I Tonazzini, ...
Advanced Engineering Materials 12 (6), B185-B191, 2010
Bone regeneration in a rabbit critical femoral defect by means of magnetic hydroxyapatite macroporous scaffolds
A Russo, M Bianchi, M Sartori, M Boi, G Giavaresi, DM Salter, M Jelic, ...
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B: Applied Biomaterials 106 (2 …, 2018
Magnetic forces and magnetized biomaterials provide dynamic flux information during bone regeneration
A Russo, M Bianchi, M Sartori, A Parrilli, S Panseri, A Ortolani, M Sandri, ...
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine 27 (3), 51, 2016
Pulsed plasma deposition of zirconia thin films on UHMWPE: proof of concept of a novel approach for joint prosthetic implants
M Bianchi, A Russo, N Lopomo, M Boi, MC Maltarello, S Sprio, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 1 (3), 310-318, 2013
Magnetic hydroxyapatite coatings as a new tool in medicine: A scanning probe investigation
A Gambardella, M Bianchi, S Kaciulis, A Mezzi, M Brucale, M Cavallini, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: C 62, 444-449, 2016
Tough and adhesive nanostructured calcium phosphate thin films deposited by the pulsed plasma deposition method
M Boi, M Bianchi, A Gambardella, F Liscio, S Kaciulis, A Visani, ...
RSC Advances 5 (96), 78561-78571, 2015
Structural and ultrastructural analyses of bone regeneration in rabbit cranial osteotomy: Piezosurgery versus traditional osteotomes
A Anesi, M Ferretti, F Cavani, R Salvatori, M Bianchi, A Russo, L Chiarini, ...
Journal of Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery 46 (1), 107-118, 2018
Nanomechanical characterization of zirconia thin films deposited on UHMWPE by pulsed plasma deposition
M Bianchi, M Boi, N Lopomo, MC Maltarello, F Liscio, S Milita, A Visani, ...
Journal of Mechanics in Medicine and Biology 15 (05), 1550070, 2015
Ceramic thin films realized by means of pulsed plasma deposition technique: Applications for orthopedics
M Bianchi, N Lopomo, M Boi, A Gambardella, G Marchiori, M Berni, ...
Journal of Mechanics in Medicine and Biology 15 (02), 1540002, 2015
Strontium doped calcium phosphate coatings on poly (etheretherketone)(PEEK) by pulsed electron deposition
M Bianchi, L Degli Esposti, A Ballardini, F Liscio, M Berni, A Gambardella, ...
Surface and Coatings Technology 319, 191-199, 2017
The prospective opportunities offered by magnetic scaffolds for bone tissue engineering: A review
A Ortolani, M Bianchi, M Mosca, S Caravelli, M Fuiano, M Marcacci, ...
Joints 4 (04), 228-235, 2016
Optimizing thickness of ceramic coatings on plastic components for orthopedic applications: A finite element analysis
G Marchiori, N Lopomo, M Boi, M Berni, M Bianchi, A Gambardella, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: C 58, 381-388, 2016
Cell fluidics: producing cellular streams on micropatterned synthetic surfaces
M Ventre, F Valle, M Bianchi, F Biscarini, PA Netti
Langmuir 28 (1), 714-721, 2011
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