Diego Perugini
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Magma mixing in the Sithonia Plutonic Complex, Greece: evidence from mafic microgranular enclaves
D Perugini, G Poli, G Christofides, G Eleftheriadis
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D Perugini, G Poli
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Erratum to``Chaotic dynamics and fractals in magmatic interaction processes: a different approach to the interpretation of mafic microgranular enclaves''[Earth Planet. Sci …
D Perugini, G Poli
E&PSL 177 (1-2), 129-129, 2000
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D Perugini, G Poli
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JE Romero, D Morgavi, F Arzilli, R Daga, A Caselli, F Reckziegel, ...
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Particle size distributions of some soils from the Umbria Region (Italy): fractal analysis and numerical modelling
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Extreme frictional processes in the volcanic conduit of Mount St. Helens (USA) during the 2004–2008 eruption
JE Kendrick, Y Lavallée, A Ferk, D Perugini, R Leonhardt, DB Dingwell
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Strain-induced magma degassing: insights from simple-shear experiments on bubble bearing melts
L Caricchi, A Pommier, M Pistone, J Castro, A Burgisser, D Perugini
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Heterogeneities in Magma Chambers: insights from the behavior of major and minor elements during mixing experiments with natural alkaline melts
CP De Campos, DB Dingwell, D Perugini, L Civetta, TK Fehr
Chemical Geology 256 (3-4), 131-145, 2008
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