Juan Carlos Casar
Juan Carlos Casar
Departamento de Neurología, Escuela de Medicina, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
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Heparan sulfate proteoglycans are increased during skeletal muscle regeneration: requirement of syndecan-3 for successful fiber formation
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Transient up-regulation of biglycan during skeletal muscle regeneration: delayed fiber growth along with decorin increase in biglycan-deficient mice
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MicroRNA-199a is induced in dystrophic muscle and affects WNT signaling, cell proliferation, and myogenic differentiation
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MicroRNA-486–dependent modulation of DOCK3/PTEN/AKT signaling pathways improves muscular dystrophy–associated symptoms
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Extracellular matrix histone H1 binds to perlecan, is present in regenerating skeletal muscle and stimulates myoblast proliferation
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β4 integrin marks interstitial myogenic progenitor cells in adult murine skeletal muscle
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Inhibition of extracellular matrix assembly induces the expression of osteogenic markers in skeletal muscle cells by a BMP-2 independent mechanism
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Stem cell differentiation and therapeutic use
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Validación de un método para realizar angiografía cuantitativa a bajo costo
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Reduced Natriuresis After Oral Sodium Load in Cholestatic Rats: Role of Compartment Volumes and ANP (44548)
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Real-world performance of fingolimod in Chilean patients: a longitudinal 7 year study
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REGISTRIES AND CARE OF NEUROMUSCULAR DISORDERS: P. 294Muscle biopsy in the study of muscle disease in pediatric population
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Role of muscle stem cells during skeletal regeneration.
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Biglycan and decorin participation in skeletal muscle regeneration
J Casar, J Fallon, M Young, E Brandan
Differentiation 70 (7), 366-367, 2002
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