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YADAMP: yet another database of antimicrobial peptides
SP Piotto, L Sessa, S Concilio, P Iannelli
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Small azobenzene derivatives active against bacteria and fungi
S Piotto, S Concilio, L Sessa, A Porta, EC Calabrese, A Zanfardino, ...
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Complete glutaraldehyde elimination during chitosan hydrogel drying by SC-CO2 processing
L Baldino, S Concilio, S Cardea, I De Marco, E Reverchon
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Interpenetration of natural polymer aerogels by supercritical drying
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A real-time tripodal colorimetric/fluorescence sensor for multiple target metal ions
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Structure modification of an active azo-compound as a route to new antimicrobial compounds
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The effect of hydroxylated fatty acid-containing phospholipids in the remodeling of lipid membranes
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Understanding conformational dynamics of complex lipid mixtures relevant to biology
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From cadmium (II)-aroylhydrazone complexes to metallopolymers with enhanced photoluminescence. A structural and DFT study
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Novel antimicrobial polymer films active against bacteria and fungi
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Monitoring of the initial degradation of oxadiazole based blue OLED’s
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Fluorescence pH-dependent sensing of Zn (II) by a tripodal ligand. A comparative X-ray and DFT study
B Panunzi, R Diana, S Concilio, L Sessa, A Tuzi, S Piotto, U Caruso
Journal of Luminescence 212, 200-206, 2019
AIE/ACQ effects in two DR/NIR emitters: a structural and DFT comparative analysis
U Caruso, B Panunzi, R Diana, S Concilio, L Sessa, R Shikler, S Nabha, ...
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Switching device based on a thin film of an azo-containing polymer for application in memory cells
D Attianese, M Petrosino, P Vacca, S Concilio, P Iannelli, A Rubino, ...
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Mono‐, Di‐, and Polymeric Pyridinoylhydrazone ZnII Complexes: Structure and Photoluminescent Properties
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Donor− Acceptor-Substituted phenylethenyl bithiophenes: highly efficient and stable nonlinear optical chromophores
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An amphiphilic pyridinoyl-hydrazone probe for colorimetric and fluorescence pH sensing
R Diana, B Panunzi, A Tuzi, S Piotto, S Concilio, U Caruso
Molecules 24 (21), 3833, 2019
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