Valerio Pinchetti
Valerio Pinchetti
Los Alamos National Laboratory, Physical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy Group
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Colloidal Synthesis of Double Perovskite Cs2AgInCl6 and Mn-Doped Cs2AgInCl6 Nanocrystals
F Locardi, M Cirignano, D Baranov, Z Dang, M Prato, F Drago, M Ferretti, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 140 (40), 12989-12995, 2018
Emissive Bi-Doped Double Perovskite Cs2Ag1–xNaxInCl6 Nanocrystals
F Locardi, E Sartori, J Buha, J Zito, M Prato, V Pinchetti, ML Zaffalon, ...
ACS Energy Letters 4 (8), 1976-1982, 2019
Synthesis of highly luminescent wurtzite CdSe/CdS giant-shell nanocrystals using a fast continuous injection route
S Christodoulou, G Vaccaro, V Pinchetti, F De Donato, JQ Grim, A Casu, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2 (17), 3439-3447, 2014
Role of Nonradiative Defects and Environmental Oxygen on Exciton Recombination Processes in CsPbBr3 Perovskite Nanocrystals
M Lorenzon, L Sortino, Q Akkerman, S Accornero, J Pedrini, M Prato, ...
Nano letters 17 (6), 3844-3853, 2017
High-efficiency all-solution-processed light-emitting diodes based on anisotropic colloidal heterostructures with polar polymer injecting layers
A Castelli, F Meinardi, M Pasini, F Galeotti, V Pinchetti, M Lorenzon, ...
Nano letters 15 (8), 5455-5464, 2015
Trap-mediated two-step sensitization of manganese dopants in perovskite nanocrystals
V Pinchetti, A Anand, QA Akkerman, D Sciacca, M Lorenzon, F Meinardi, ...
ACS Energy Letters 4 (1), 85-93, 2018
Evidence for the Band‐Edge Exciton of CuInS2 Nanocrystals Enables Record Efficient Large‐Area Luminescent Solar Concentrators
A Anand, ML Zaffalon, G Gariano, A Camellini, M Gandini, R Brescia, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 30 (4), 1906629, 2020
Tunable and efficient red to near-infrared photoluminescence by synergistic exploitation of core and surface silver doping of CdSe nanoplatelets
AH Khan, V Pinchetti, I Tanghe, Z Dang, B Martín-García, Z Hens, ...
Chemistry of Materials 31 (4), 1450-1459, 2019
Excitonic pathway to photoinduced magnetism in colloidal nanocrystals with nonmagnetic dopants
V Pinchetti, Q Di, M Lorenzon, A Camellini, M Fasoli, M Zavelani-Rossi, ...
Nature Nanotechnology 13 (2), 145-151, 2018
Spectro-electrochemical Probing of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Processes in Exciton Recombination in I–III–VI2 Nanocrystals
V Pinchetti, M Lorenzon, H McDaniel, R Lorenzi, F Meinardi, VI Klimov, ...
Nano Letters 17 (7), 4508-4517, 2017
Effect of core/shell interface on carrier dynamics and optical gain properties of dual-color emitting CdSe/CdS nanocrystals
V Pinchetti, F Meinardi, A Camellini, G Sirigu, S Christodoulou, WK Bae, ...
ACS nano 10 (7), 6877-6887, 2016
Stable and Size Tunable CsPbBr3 Nanocrystals Synthesized with Oleylphosphonic Acid
B Zhang, L Goldoni, C Lambruschini, L Moni, M Imran, A Pianetti, ...
Nano letters 20 (12), 8847-8853, 2020
Bright Blue Emitting Cu-Doped Cs2ZnCl4 Colloidal Nanocrystals
D Zhu, ML Zaffalon, V Pinchetti, R Brescia, F Moro, M Fasoli, M Fanciulli, ...
Chemistry of Materials 32 (13), 5897-5903, 2020
First demonstration of the use of very large Stokes shift cycloparaphenylenes as promising organic luminophores for transparent luminescent solar concentrators
P Della Sala, N Buccheri, A Sanzone, M Sassi, P Neri, C Talotta, A Rocco, ...
Chemical Communications 55 (21), 3160-3163, 2019
Direct Measurements of Magnetic Polarons in Cd1–xMnxSe Nanocrystals from Resonant Photoluminescence
WD Rice, W Liu, V Pinchetti, DR Yakovlev, VI Klimov, SA Crooker
Nano letters 17 (5), 3068-3075, 2017
Compositional Tuning of Carrier Dynamics in Cs2Na1–xAgxBiCl6 Double-Perovskite Nanocrystals
D Zhu, J Zito, V Pinchetti, Z Dang, A Olivati, L Pasquale, A Tang, ...
ACS energy letters 5 (6), 1840-1847, 2020
Halide Perovskite–Lead Chalcohalide Nanocrystal Heterostructures
M Imran, L Peng, A Pianetti, V Pinchetti, J Ramade, J Zito, F Di Stasio, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 143 (3), 1435-1446, 2021
O 2 as a molecular probe for nonradiative surface defects in CsPbBr 3 perovskite nanostructures and single crystals
C Rodà, AL Abdelhady, J Shamsi, M Lorenzon, V Pinchetti, M Gandini, ...
Nanoscale 11 (16), 7613-7623, 2019
High Photon Upconversion Efficiency with Hybrid Triplet Sensitizers by Ultrafast Hole‐Routing in Electronic‐Doped Nanocrystals
A Ronchi, C Capitani, V Pinchetti, G Gariano, ML Zaffalon, F Meinardi, ...
Advanced Materials 32 (37), 2002953, 2020
Single-particle ratiometric pressure sensing based on “double-sensor” colloidal nanocrystals
M Lorenzon, V Pinchetti, F Bruni, WK Bae, F Meinardi, VI Klimov, ...
Nano Letters 17 (2), 1071-1081, 2017
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