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Review of diesel emissions and control
TV Johnson
International Journal of Engine Research 10 (5), 275-285, 2009
The chemistry of the NO/NO2–NH3 “fast” SCR reaction over Fe-ZSM5 investigated by transient reaction analysis
A Grossale, I Nova, E Tronconi, D Chatterjee, M Weibel
Journal of Catalysis 256 (2), 312-322, 2008
NOx Storage Reduction over Pt Ba/γ-Al2O3 Catalyst
L Lietti, P Forzatti, I Nova, E Tronconi
Journal of catalysis 204 (1), 175-191, 2001
FT-IR and TPD Investigation of the NOx Storage Properties of BaO/Al2O3 and Pt−BaO/Al2O3 Catalysts
F Prinetto, G Ghiotti, I Nova, L Lietti, E Tronconi, P Forzatti
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 105 (51), 12732-12745, 2001
NOx adsorption study over Pt–Ba/alumina catalysts: FT-IR and pulse experiments
I Nova, L Castoldi, L Lietti, E Tronconi, P Forzatti, F Prinetto, G Ghiotti
Journal of catalysis 222 (2), 377-388, 2004
Reactivity of NO/NO2–NH3 SCR system for diesel exhaust aftertreatment: Identification of the reaction network as a function of temperature and NO2 feed content
C Ciardelli, I Nova, E Tronconi, D Chatterjee, B Bandl-Konrad, M Weibel, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 70 (1-4), 80-90, 2007
Study of a Fe–zeolite-based system as NH3-SCR catalyst for diesel exhaust aftertreatment
A Grossale, I Nova, E Tronconi
Catalysis Today 136 (1-2), 18-27, 2008
NH3–NO/NO2 chemistry over V-based catalysts and its role in the mechanism of the Fast SCR reaction
I Nova, C Ciardelli, E Tronconi, D Chatterjee, B Bandl-Konrad
Catalysis Today 114 (1), 3-12, 2006
Chemical, structural and mechanistic aspects on NOx SCR over commercial and model oxide catalysts
L Lietti, G Ramis, F Berti, G Toledo, D Robba, G Busca, P Forzatti
Catalysis today 42 (1-2), 101-116, 1998
A comparative study of the NH3-SCR reactions over a Cu-zeolite and a Fe-zeolite catalyst
M Colombo, I Nova, E Tronconi
Catalysis Today 151 (3-4), 223-230, 2010
Redox features in the catalytic mechanism of the “standard” and “fast” NH3-SCR of NOx over a V-based catalyst investigated by dynamic methods
E Tronconi, I Nova, C Ciardelli, D Chatterjee, M Weibel
Journal of Catalysis 245 (1), 1-10, 2007
G. Busca, E. Giamello, P. Forzatti and F. Bregani
L Lietti, I Nova, G Ramis, L Dall'Acqua
J. Catal 187 (2), 419, 1999
New insights in the NOx reduction mechanism with H2 over Pt–Ba/γ-Al2O3 lean NOx trap catalysts under near-isothermal conditions
I Nova, L Lietti, L Castoldi, E Tronconi, P Forzatti
Journal of Catalysis 239 (1), 244-254, 2006
SCR of NO by NH3 over TiO2-supported V2O5–MoO3 catalysts: reactivity and redox behavior
L Casagrande, L Lietti, I Nova, P Forzatti, A Baiker
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 22 (1), 63-77, 1999
Study of the effect of Ba loading for catalytic activity of Pt–Ba/Al2O3 model catalysts
L Castoldi, I Nova, L Lietti, P Forzatti
Catalysis Today 96 (1-2), 43-52, 2004
Role of ammonia in the reduction by hydrogen of NOx stored over Pt–Ba/Al2O3 lean NOx trap catalysts
L Lietti, I Nova, P Forzatti
Journal of catalysis 257 (2), 270-282, 2008
On the dynamic behavior of “NOx-storage/reduction” Pt–Ba/Al2O3 catalyst
I Nova, L Castoldi, L Lietti, E Tronconi, P Forzatti
Catalysis Today 75 (1-4), 431-437, 2002
Modelling of an SCR catalytic converter for diesel exhaust after treatment: Dynamic effects at low temperature
E Tronconi, I Nova, C Ciardelli, D Chatterjee, B Bandl-Konrad, ...
Catalysis Today 105 (3-4), 529-536, 2005
SCR-DeNOx for diesel engine exhaust aftertreatment: unsteady-state kinetic study and monolith reactor modelling
C Ciardelli, I Nova, E Tronconi, B Konrad, D Chatterjee, K Ecke, M Weibel
Chemical Engineering Science 59 (22-23), 5301-5309, 2004
Dynamics of the SCR‐DeNOx reaction by the transient‐response method
L Lietti, I Nova, S Camurri, E Tronconi, P Forzatti
AIChE Journal 43 (10), 2559-2570, 1997
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