Remy Guyoneaud
Remy Guyoneaud
Université Pau UMR IPREM 5254
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Characterization of hydrocarbonoclastic bacterial communities from mangrove sediments in Guanabara Bay, Brazil
EMS Brito, R Guyoneaud, M Gońi-Urriza, A Ranchou-Peyruse, ...
Research in microbiology 157 (8), 752-762, 2006
Species-Specific Stable Isotope Fractionation of Mercury during Hg(II) Methylation by an Anaerobic Bacteria (Desulfobulbus propionicus) under Dark Conditions
P Rodríguez-González, VN Epov, R Bridou, E Tessier, R Guyoneaud, ...
Environmental science & technology 43 (24), 9183-9188, 2009
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RCR Martın-Doimeadios, E Tessier, D Amouroux, R Guyoneaud, R Duran, ...
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Overview of mercury methylation capacities among anaerobic bacteria including representatives of the sulphate-reducers: implications for environmental studies
M Ranchou-Peyruse, M Monperrus, R Bridou, R Duran, D Amouroux, ...
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Simultaneous determination of mercury methylation and demethylation capacities of various sulfate‐reducing bacteria using species‐specific isotopic tracers
R Bridou, M Monperrus, PR Gonzalez, R Guyoneaud, D Amouroux
Environmental toxicology and chemistry 30 (2), 337-344, 2011
Metabolism of n-alkanes and n-alkenes by anaerobic bacteria: a summary
V Grossi, C Cravo-Laureau, R Guyoneaud, A Ranchou-Peyruse, ...
Organic Geochemistry 39 (8), 1197-1203, 2008
Taxonomic rearrangements of the genera Thiocapsa and Amoebobacter on the basis of 16s rDNA sequence analyses, and description of Thiolamprovum gen. nov.
R Guyoneaud, J Süling, R Petri, R Matheron, P Caumette, N Pfennig, ...
International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 48 (3 …, 1998
The biogeochemistry of mercury at the sediment–water interface in the Thau Lagoon. 2. Evaluation of mercury methylation potential in both surface sediment and the water column
M Monperrus, E Tessier, D Point, K Vidimova, D Amouroux, R Guyoneaud, ...
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 72 (3), 485-496, 2007
A case study of in situ oil contamination in a mangrove swamp (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil)
EMS Brito, R Duran, R Guyoneaud, M Gońi-Urriza, TG de Oteyza, ...
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Impact of hydrocarbons, PCBs and heavy metals on bacterial communities in Lerma River, Salamanca, Mexico: Investigation of hydrocarbon degradation potential
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Science of The Total Environment 521, 1-10, 2015
Identical Hg isotope mass dependent fractionation signature during methylation by sulfate-reducing bacteria in sulfate and sulfate-free environment
V Perrot, R Bridou, Z Pedrero, R Guyoneaud, M Monperrus, D Amouroux
Environmental science & technology 49 (3), 1365-1373, 2015
Hopanoid production by Desulfovibrio bastinii isolated from oilfield formation water
M Blumenberg, BI Oppermann, R Guyoneaud, W Michaelis
FEMS microbiology letters 293 (1), 73-78, 2009
Thiocapsa marina sp. nov., a novel, okenone-containing, purple sulfur bacterium isolated from brackish coastal and marine environments
P Caumette, R Guyoneaud, JF Imhoff, J Süling, V Gorlenko
International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 54 (4 …, 2004
Effect of macrofaunal bioturbation on bacterial distribution in marine sandy sediments, with special reference to sulphur-oxidising bacteria
M Gońi-Urriza, X de Montaudouin, R Guyoneaud, G Bachelet, R de Wit
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Thiorhodococcus minus, gen. nov., sp. nov., a new purple sulfur bacterium isolated from coastal lagoon sediments
R Guyoneaud, R Matheron, W Liesack, JF Imhoff, P Caumette
Archives of microbiology 168 (1), 16-23, 1997
Characterization of Desulfomicrobium salsuginis sp. nov. and Desulfomicrobium aestuarii sp. nov., two new sulfate-reducing bacteria isolated from the Adour estuary (French …
M Dias, JC Salvado, M Monperrus, P Caumette, D Amouroux, R Duran, ...
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Effect of Carotenoid Biosynthesis Inhibition on the Chlorosome Organization in Chlorobium phaeobacteroides Strain CL1401
JB Arellano, J Psencik, CM Borrego, YZ Ma, R Guyoneaud, J Garcia‐Gil, ...
Photochemistry and Photobiology 71 (6), 715-723, 2000
Hexavalent chromium reduction by bacterial consortia and pure strains from an alkaline industrial effluent
HA Pińón‐Castillo, EMS Brito, M Gońi‐Urriza, R Guyoneaud, R Duran, ...
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Degradation of the “Erika” oil
S Bordenave, R Jézéquel, A Fourçans, H Budzinski, FX Merlin, T Fourel, ...
Aquatic Living Resources 17 (3), 261-267, 2004
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